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hey all,

Count me in as well....:)
anybody planning to take help of visa consultant???

I would suggest all to start ur loan application if u r planning to take one, as it is a lengthy procedure!!! Keep posting regarding placement and internship news....

hey gmatwarrior,

if u r planning to take 20 lac(max amount sanctioned by most of the PSU banks) loan you will require to give collateral to bank whose valuation should be more than 20 lacs. Moreover you will require to show bank how ur going to pay remaining amount in ur case 12 lacs.


hey all,

go through the checklist mentioned on vfs canada website (

they have mentioned

"AS A PREFERRED OPTION for proof of funds: A copy of an Educational Loan from an Indian Chartered Bank equivalent to at least 80% of tuition +living + travel expenses for one academic year (normally, first years tuition, unless already paid, plus $8000)"

so according to me 20 lac education loan and 5 lac in account will be sufficient for visa application.

Hi Puys,

I have received Admission Letter from Haskayne school.

Now, Is that all we get from school?. Also, Micheline sent a mail saying that I will receive Orientation Package at the end of June.

few questions:

1. should I receive any more documents from school?

2. Once I apply and get Loan from Bank, should I proceed for Canada Visa immediately?

3. Also, It looks like school assigns mentors? Do I need to request one from school or is it automatically done?

Thanx in advance for your help

Looks Like I am trying to find all the admitted junta who are planning to join but looks like I dont see any facebook created or not many folks are active here


hey gmatwarrior,

congratulation on ur admit.

u will receive hard copy of admission letter but it would take around a month. you will require approved loan document and original admission letter for visa application. go through visa application checklist for more information and additional requirements.

for assigning mentor they will be sending you a mail and u need to register on it.


hey pals,

thanks for posting the updates......Do any one know what is the percentage of the international students admitted last year and out of that how many of them have got the job offers???

Hi Guys,

I got an admit to Calgary MBA. I have been silently following and some of the information that I find here is amazing.

Based in Bangalore, Please let me know for Wire Transfer, Apart from ICICI bank, has anyone did wire transfer to school. I have closed my ICICI account recently. I have State Bank,Andhra Bank and Citi bank accounts. I called Citibank guys, they said, they will do wire transfer, But I am not sure how long wire transfer take effect, as I got my admit on Friday morning here.

so My time is ticking,

Plz pm me your number who has done, that will be lot of help.

your friend


Congrats for ur admit..... I did wire transfer through ICICI and amount got transferred in 48 hrs.... get payment confirmation by sending mail to

Hi all,

Its really nice to see useful updates flowing in....
keep posting....

Hi All

The maximum package awarded to MBA's has also increased a lot this year......

Although the %age of people getting job within 3 yrs have decreased a bit but Calgary has again shown 100% placement for its students within 6 months...that is acc to bloomberg

Also Haskayne has been amongst the only 5 b schools from Canada to be going to Paris for a famous students debate on has schools like harvard,kelogs,sp jain participating in it

good news that all students got placement within 6 months:).... but do verify data with current students...
Roh888 Says
Thanks for this link... I did connect with one of the students there...but I think they are too busy with the ans yet!....:-)

same here.... but do give updates if u r able to get in touch....
Indeed.... Calgary is a fantastic place to find Jobs. I have friends at Uni of Ottawa as well as UBC Sauder. They may not speak highly about 'Haskayne' as a business school but they have doubt when it comes job placement opportunities at Calgary!!... So whoever goes to Haskayne has nothin to worry about...:-)

Pstt... I am asking this again...Is anyone in contact with a present Haskayne MBA student?... I need to know about the part time working opportunities on campus!... It would be great if someone can help.

hey Roh88,

go to Univ. of Calgary - Haskayne MBA 2013 facebook group to get in touch with present Haskayne students...