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no man...i m in Strategy....prev yr only 1 guy selected in Marketing...okk i wil ask him & then send u his no....okk....

IIM Calcutta


This is my academic profile:

10'th: 81.4% CBSE
12'th: 79.8% CBSE
B.Tech: 74% First Class, Kerala University
MBA: 84.1% Distinction, NIT-Calicut

I've a consistent academic history and the support of excellent professional references. I'm presently teaching as a Lecturer in a top Private B-School in Kerala for Marketing subjects.

I'm very much interested in Marketing and Strategic Management as FPM areas. Problem is, I'm not confident about CAT. It's been awhile now. I'm applying only to IIM-I and IIM-K as I don't see any chance in the others without a good CAT score. I applied at IIM-B last year, but wasn't selected.

Can you please tell me if I can get through otherwise?... I'm preparing 3 articles for journal (lesser) publications before January. Will it have any weightage or relevance?
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