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I had my HRM interview today. The interview went fine, I guess but one strange thing happened that I was asked to wait outside for a couple of minutes after my interview and then was called back in for more questions. As far as I know, it isn't really common. So what should I deduce out of it? Any ideas??

It means they had selected you initially but rejected outright afterwards.

don't read anything into these...:nono:

best of luck...
Thanks for the information!
But in the XAT form,we mentioned only the venue for exam and not the choice for interview centre.
So can i change the interview centre now for XLRI?

but in the XLRI form you must have filled in choice for interview center. That will be considered.
sd0409 Says
hey do freshers have good chance of getting thro?is it true that they don't prefer having many freshers?

nothing like that...
Hi Puys ,
Can the seniors shed some light ...how to prepare for PI.
Anything from anyone would be helpful.

1. know ur graduation subjects well (as far as practicable)
2. know all about your project and all about your organization(in case you are working) ...think about the strategic/business aspects of the project
3. get clarity regarding ur ST & LT goals (introspect)
4. introspect as to how this program is a logical continuation in your pursuit of those goals (basically let them know how you plan to connect the dots)
5. get a view(not just facts) on each & every "burning current affairs topics".

That's it in a nutshell. Of course, being able to think on ur feet does help.

1. In this thread, it was mentioned 50% weightage to XAT score and 50% to GDPI (Only PI for BM). When you say only PI in case of BM, do you mean since there is only PI for BM, so it will be 50% for XAT and 50% for PI. Or no weightage to XAT score for BM?
2. In case there are any clashes with other institutes like IIMs for GDPI dates, is XLRI admissions committee considerate enough or will they make you choose? I mean, is there any precedent for this.

1. no final composite score factoring in XAT, GD, PI, profile is revealed (for internal purposes only) , 50% weightage is given to XAT score. Along with that, GD-PI performance , work exp also are accounted for.

However, for anyone to be considered for final admission or even waitlist, at least 2 of the 3 panelists must say "yes".

2. XLRI generally does not change dates. Other institutes do when you intimate them of their clash with XLRI. Last year IIMK changed my slot.
akashabes Says
What is the ratio of fresher and work-ex in xlri?

Though historically fresher-heavy,from 11-13, the batch has started being more work-ex heavy(around 70% having non-zero work ex) and I guess we can consider this trend to continue.
dagattani Says
hiii ..boss but then what about ppl who hav only BM callls.. will v hav no GD..??? seniors... plss clarify pls...

No GD for BM. The admission processes for the two courses post XAT are fairly watertight.
No Reservation :clap:

Two Interviews !? Woa, did not see that coming. Are they on the same day? (I've a feeling they are, but still asking)

Yeah.. the two admission process of both courses are separate except the common XAT.

As for dates, for most people they were on separate dates. (For me there was a gap of 11 days). But could be on same day as well.
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Hi All,

I have been shortlisted for both BM and HRM courses. I have a few queries :
1. Are there any Reservations? If yes, What is the Open category intake for both the courses?
2. Does the GD and Interview panel know if the candidate had applied and has been shortlisted for both courses. If yes, how does it affect the way the interview proceeds?


-No reservations whatsoever. Open category intake =120*2
-Yes they do. Sometimes a common interviewer is also there and s/he can catch you if you give different versions regarding your long-term goals or anything else in two interviews!
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