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Hi All,

There is some confusion in waitlist codes

Here are my two cents.
In the Cat Bulletin IIM Shillong had stated in their Selection Criteria that

The Institute, as a policy, takes students from diverse academic and professional background to provide a platform for cross-fertilization of knowledge

This is the reason why many of us even with low percentiles got calls coz of high acads.
Even during interview I met equal number of candidates from diverse fields like Commerce grads, Arts Grads apart from engineers.

So after interview in making final list the institute will want specific no of engineers.(from all diff fields) commerce, science and art grads so that the batch is well diversified

So if suppose an Art grad refuses to take admission, the inst. would want another art grad to replace him or her

Hence such coding to keep track of this problem

PS: Not to forget folks, it is all conjecture on my part. Please do not crucify me if I am wrong....:o


Hi all,

I'm not selected :(
Thanks seniors for all the support. You all were very helpful.
Joining SCMHRD

Hi all,

Visit this link for Shillong trip details by Rashmi Bansal editor of JAM - Just Another Magazine

Will give us a feel of life at Shillong...(and inspire as well)

Youth Curry - Insight on Indian Youth: Adventure in Ri Hynniewtrep


Mumbai 2.00pm 24.03.2009

X 77.73
XII 76.17
B Com 81.85

Work-Ex: 18 Months

CAT %ile: 95.71

Topic: Same as the one asked in some another location
Mr Chandu was a cleaner in a company and had a driving experience of 15 years He has been loyal to the company and because of his courteous nature popular among people Recently he got a driving license .The officials seeing his diligence in his work decided to promote him as company MDs chauffeur.

He used to do his work meticulously but he has to sometime stretch his work as he was often called even in the wee hours to drop MD or late nights to pick him up. This actually put him under stress. One day similar such incident happened and instead of returning back to office , he returned to home. This was against companys rule as once the vehicle is taken out of the premise of the company has to be returned or informed to concerned authorities. He, due to stress thought shall return back the vehicle the very next day as he knew that other drivers used to do the same and flouted companys rules.
But meanwhile he hit a girl child and a case was filed against him by the victims parents .The companys official also came to know about this and started digging out the matter. Though the court exempted him from punishment but the officials took it seriously. Enquiry was ordered and the official suggested termination from employment.

Being the MD what would be your decision?

Number of Ppl present: 8
Time: 20 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Decent No fish market. Everybody contributed well.


Q: So Jinesh why dont u introduce yourself to panel?
Me: Blaah Blaah Blaah.
Q: When did u leave ur company?
Me: November 2008
Q: Who is the chairman of ur company?
Me: Miss XYZ is the Ceo
Q: And chairman:
Me: (after thinking) Mr PQR is our chairman
Q: What is the background of ur companys CEO
Me: Answered
Q: So u graduated from Somaiya collge. Ur college also offers MBA course. Cant u get admission directly?
Me: No sir. No such provision. We have to compete with all others.
Q: So u have learned accounting. Tell me the difference between CONCEPT and PRINCIPLE?
Me: Dont know sir
Q: What is IRR?
Me: Internal Rate of Return
Q: here is pen and paper explain us how to calculate.
Me: Tried but could not explain.
Q: In ur job u must have done such and such analysis.(some financial concepts)
Me: No Sir
Q: do u know about them?
Me: No sir .Never heard about them.
Q What is depreciation?
Me: Answered
Q: Where do u adjust depreciation against in P and L Accounts
Me: Answered
Q: What is Return on Equity?
Me: Answered
Q: How do u calculate. Explain whole process.
Me; Explained
Q: What is Return on Investment?
Me: Answered wrongly (came to know after coming home).
Q: Suppose u were given a companys RoE and RoI? Which one will u take into consideration for investing in the company?
Me: I dont think I answered that one really well.
Q: So now how do u think will financial crisis affected India?
Me: Answered.
Q: Do u think there is really a fall in demand.
Me: Gave example.
Q: Have u been in Mumbai all throughout ur life.
Me: Yes.
Q: Who is BJPs president?
Me: Rajnath Singh
Q: which constituency?
Me: Dont know.
Q: What types of books do u read?
Me: have been reading such and such books.
Q: So u are reading 7 habits. What is Stephen Covey doing.
Me: He is in Obamas administration team right now.
Q: In which university did he teach?
Me: Dont know.
Q. Explain his time management matrix
Me: Explained in detail.....
Q: What are ur hobbies.
Me; Driving, swimming etc
Q: So u race with motorbikes.
Me: No sir. I ride just for the pleasure..

P2: Ok, Jinesh we r done.


Hi Seniors,
I have a doubt in filling the application form
There is a question - "In your present/ last job, briefly describe your job responsibilities, achievements and failures"

I have 12 mnths exp in 1 firm and 6 mnths exp in another firm
Are we supposed to fill the details of only the last job or both the jobs???

coz the couriers r finding it hard to reach students thanx to the people doing so....
and its the only gud call i hav....got a waiting list at 18...
so all the more anxious....

Hi Abhi

You can mail your specific queries to asst_registrar@scmhrd.edu
or call them up @ 020 22934305
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why isnt the site opening up after i log in???
it says there's an error...getting a bit uneasy now..
any comments??

Same problem here,
Maybe they are updating or something else
But why r u feeling uneasy?

Hi all,

I am studying in M Com (Mumbai university)
For Migration Certificate, my college is asking for proof of admission.
I showed them my offer letter.
But they want separate letter from college stating admission has been granted.
Is everybody going through same problem???
What should I do?

Hi all,
Got the offer letter today.
After reading felt like we r joining the ARMY
Very Intimidating...........:new_bat_angel:

Oh God I also forgot to send acknowledgment :sad:

Just now sent ..


Will that be Ok ??

Which acknowledgment are you all talking about?
Is it about the acknowledgment email that we r supposed to send?