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I am a s/w engg working in Hyderabad and in this profession for the past 2 years.

Just a month back I started studying for GMAT but unfortunately I am not being very regular (what with all the work :shock: not able to study everyday!!) with the prep.

I have almost completed GMAT Kaplan book (w/o the diagnostic test)...wanted to know what other books should I do prac from?

Also i havent as yet booked a date for the test, should I book it from now only though I am not even vaguely sure when will I be prepared enough to give the test

Anyways this is my 1st post on the forum and have joined it for some guidance and motivation :p

Good thing you have finished Kaplan. You can move on to OG and Kaplan 800. Complete both not one of them. You should be good to go. As you are an engineer, do sharpen your Verbal skills. Princeton review is a good book. The Princeton Verbal review is not such a good book, so stay away.