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Yes sachin, it indeed helped. Actually, my initial choice of Singapore was influenced by similar reasons as yours.

Hey jiggz,

I had a couple of reasons for choosing Fonty over Singapore:

1) Being an India, the Singapore, a.k.a. Asia experience is good, but probably not a "must have".. as I have already been exposed to the work/business culture of SE Asia due to India's close business ties there.

2) Personal experience.. I did my MS in Europe (UK to be precise) and had a complete "global" exposure. Hoping to recreate the same in France..

I might still think of P4 in Singapore. Hope that helps.


Hi FG,


Two interviews is indeed the norm. However, one interview is not unheard of too. It is normally the case in locations where organising two alums is a problem. Since you are in Singapore that should not be the reason though.

You might get the details of the second interviewer soon. I received the information about my interviewers in two separate mails with a day's gap in between.

Having said that, I believe you should not worry about this. Keep the faith and "Just do it".

good luck !


Hi guys,
congrats to all admits...while others are still in the process...
by the way is there a meaning of receiving only one name for interviewer vs. 2 in normal cases ?...
I am quite surprised....if you can find a few minutes to give your opinion, would be great!


Hey guys,

Is there anyone here who is starting at the singapore campus ?

I have been toying with the idea of starting at Singapore and spending P1 and P2 there (maybe P3 too) before moving to Fonty.

I am not sure if I really have that option as I had checked Singapore as my campus preference in my application. Hopefully, changing the campus preference,if need be, is not a big hassle.

Nevertheless, it will be helpful to understand the reasons you guys had, to choose the campus you chose to attend first.


-look for housing options
(roommates/flatmates etc) and car rentals.

-check apartments for married people...rents...range... etc.

thats cool.....
and yes, I will be coming with my wife...

Hey jiggz,

I'm planning to visit Fonty (with my wife) towards the middle/end of September too. Primarily to sort out housing and get a feel for the area.

Let us know how useful the trip was..

PS: Anyone else coming with their wife/partner?

Sachin Tandon

Hi vivek,

WIll take it down in my TODO list. Sorting out these options is high on my prio list too and a big reason for my visit.

I will keep collecting all the points here....


-looking for housing options (roommates/flatmates etc) and car rentals.


hey jiggz,

sounds like a fun trip!

btw, am looking for housing options (roommates/flatmates etc) and car rentals etc. at Fonty.

any help on the same would be much appreciated.

have you been able to narrow down your serach for th same?




I just received the access to NV. It includes information pertaining to the programme, a preparation guide, handbooks to the two campuses and other practical information.

I am planning to visit fonty campus next weekend (7,8,9 Sept). Therefore, if there is anything anyone wants checked/confirmed/asked do let me know.

Cheers !

Hey sachin,

Congratulations !
Guess, you missed me there in your list !!!!
I am eagerly looking forward to meet you guys too !

Hey everyone,

First post here, but it's on the occasion of me receiving my offer for Fonty! Look forward to seeing you all there (vivek, youssef, geeps, pops)

BTW, I'm 26/730 GMAT from Mumbai, India, been working with a large corporate across many different areas. Did my undergrad from the US and postgrad from the UK.. Late introduction, but better now than never!

Sachin Tandon

PS : Youssef - your posts and blog have been very useful.. thanks!

Hi guys,

Received my admit yesterday.

Pops, vivek, geeps, congratulations to you guys !!!! See you guys at fonty !!!!

A big thanks to everyone on this forum and Good Luck to all!

Cheers !

I like that !!!! Keep the Faith !!!!


I know that the AdCom meets once every 2 weeks. It all depends on how quickly your interviewers can get their reports back to INSEAD. If your file is complete in time for an AdCom session, you'll be reviewed and notified. If not you'll have to wait unfortunately - not having heard doesn't mean anything.

Keep the faith - remember, none of us was expecting to hear for another 7 days.

Fingers crossed :satisfie:

Or, it could be that everyone who belongs to the indian pool has to wait a little longer because of the sheer number involved.

All the best !

Hey VivekSu and DonVito,

I think that is precisely the reason, I was done with my interviews by July 31st and if I am not mistaken Jimothy finished his interviews early as well.

Remember that interviewers have to fill the report, send it, adcom members have to look at it, the adcom has to meet to discuss the profiles (I suspect they don't meet everyday) so decisions most probably come out in waves.

All the best,