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wat is transfer certificate from DTE??? needed a copy of the affidavit that is to be made... cn any1 help???

@krish... is my name confusing?? anyway ..i hav PMed you my concerns ..plz hav a look

@krish : oh k.. so u say i shud put somaiya in 1st round itself? also i forgot to mention i am a gujju so i belong to d minority over thr..i dunno the process of the minority admissions but if they r independent of the CAP rounds,i cn reserver my seat n den put only JB ,syd for the 1st round??? and if thr is no such provision u suggest i should put somaiya in 1st round itself?

@krish...if u cud help me out.... my score is 185/240

rank is 185 (University) and 210 (state). Home university student.... want to fight for sydenham seat till the end. how shud i go about filling options??? shud i put KJ in 2nd round? or wait n put KJ in 3rd??

cnt waste a yr but really really want syd :(

plz help

Posting this again...
Score: 155 in CET
University rank:185

how much r d chances in syd? shud i take d risk of not putting any other colleges for d frst two rounds of CAP? v confused..plz help!!

hi total is 185 and my rank is also much are my chances to get into sydenham??? i really want it n dunno if i wish to join anything aftr dat..plz help!!

trying to find the thread where the interviews and GD is being discussed.I have my GD/PI on tuesday.need the link!!!

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Few major doubts.... In proforma-I mention abt CAT details.I hav my CAT score but I wanna apply in CET wid my CET score as it is higher, den shud i jus truncate that point and not type in on the stamp paper??? Also, how shud proforma-G shud b printed on plain paper ? shud i get it from typist? cuz there is no soft copy....

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@sandeep: thank you so much ...but im an open category HU student. u think filling only 1 option for round 1 is a nice option?? or probably this shud b decided aftr i get the total score!!!il try my best and get 34/34 anyway, thanks a ton!!

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1 thing that i came to know from the prospectus is the allocation procedure. If i get admission in top 5 college if my list, i wont considered for the second round!!!!! so even if many ppl get cancelled in 1st round, ppl in my range r gonna suffer big time...!! I have a 155/200 (99.7) + 5/6 and i really want JB... cn sme1 gv me a clear picture of wer i stand .... i gess my GD/PI will be good

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