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@visionIIM-ACL : Sirjee, Where's the Mod's forum now?? Or has my access been revoked?
  • @jaydev.doshi Saar, mod's forum is yet to be enabled in t.... 14 Jul '12.
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@jaydev.doshi Saar, mod's forum is yet to be enabled in this version. Shall come soon!
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Happy B'day Sirjee!!!!
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second that....first time was eagerly waiting for the courier guy from DTDC!!
also sent the draft today....by speed post;just waiting for the acknowledgment now - BTW will we be sent one from IIMC?

Yes you will receive a confirmation mail from IIM Calcutta.

However, they send out the confirmation mails in bulk so expect some delay in the same.
Hey seniors...
i heard frm someone tat fr summer placements...companies coming on day zero fr finance related roles prefer IITians over students frm other Institutes...is this true???

Nope, its not that they prefer IITians.

But let me put it in the correct perspective. If you are targetting a day zero company, your profile needs to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Only then would these companies invest their time in meeting you and interviewing.

If you are very adamant to get into a day zero company make sure you have what it takes to differentiate from the rest of the 450+ students in your batch. Do remember that everyone aspires for the best.

P.S.: Its not an IITian speaking here, but a person having a 2-digit national ranking in IIT-JEE would always stand a better chance of getting shortlisted, unless other guys have something brilliantly outstanding on their CV's.

P.P.S: I would suggest that bask in the glory of making it into one of the most prestigious institutes of this nation rather than worrying about how the placements would be. We have an history of some of the best placements (this yr the final placements took only 4 days!!!) across campuses and even the day 2 offers are far better than that at several other institutes.

Finally: To all who think Fin are the only roles worth aspiring for!!!!

IIM C does not gurantee that all those who take admissions here would end up becoming a Fin guru of the nation. But it does offer every individual an equal chance to let go of what happened in the past and re-write their destinies the way they want!!!
Actually there are two CCDs
One you will get once you cross Life line (toward SRP tools), we met there.


Guess i made a big goof up

Sorry for the mistake everyone. Would be more careful next time. Would carry the contact no. of someone to say the least.
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azure09 Says
thanks love_cat and ashu89....its a good meet.....discussed different strategies to be followed..from RCs to numbers and books to life at B schools....finally decided to meet as frequent as possible...planning to meet next weekend too...in the mean while azure09 will try to implement the action items noted down

Where was this meet dude!!

I was at the Perungudi CCD (The one on the OMR road opposite the Asian Paints factory) from 6 to around 7 :15 but didn't meet anyone??

Was i at some wrong address
@Seniors & anybody who can answer,

What documents do I need to arrange from my current employers? Please include documents that I'll need during registration as well as placements.


Hi snigdha8989,

You need to produce a relieving letter from your employer stating the tenure of your work and designation and stuff. Its pretty much standard and you can also ask your HR for the same.

As far as other documents are concerned, in case you had won certain awards or appreciation, Kindly keep a copy of the mail or certificate handy. Also do stay in good terms with your managers and supervisors as you'll would be requiring to get in touch with them at a later date for certain verification purposes.
nihilist16 Says
@seniors..when will the classes commence..have to get the booking done..!!

The start date for the classes would be communicated along with the offer letter.

AFAIK, it should be the 18th of June 2012. But you can check with the PGP office.
@Seniors ,

after getting in to IIM C can we pay the term 1 fee in cash or DD with out getting a bank loan .. since i want to pay atleast 1 or 2 terms of fee with out bank loan to avoid some bank interest .. is that option available in term fee payment ??? and generally when ( which month ) we will be paying term 1 , term 2 fees ??

@ jagadishkoneti,

You can take the loan anytime of the year you want and pay the fees the way you like it.

No issues with that.
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