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  • jay bhatia
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nebulize - to convert something into fine particles ........

new words

Ambidextrous - people who can use both hands with same efficiency
Facade - to make an illusion
Charade - in hindi dum sharad

repudiate - to reject
facetious - humorous

two new ones...salman with sonic sort of battery...what he is trying to do?? And abhishek alway pathetic idea ad continues with population theme...
sehwag jk cement...i think if that ad would had been made like sehwag hitting shots and breaking walls and one wall doesnt break due to jk cement that would have been some sensible stuff...but in the real ad..sehwag hitting shot in air and stand in front of wall wearing jk cement tshirt..what does that mean?

well said JK cement sucks ..........

i always used to love uncle scroge..........

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can i know the ranking of nicmar pune and nicmar goa .......... are these capable of getting good package ..........

Teri Chahat Ab Meri Aankhon Me Hai..
Teri Khushbu Meri Sanson Me Hai.
Mere Dil Ko Jo Ghayal Kar Jaye
Aisi Ada Sirf Teri Baaton Me Hi Hai..

Mujhe aata dekh kudh ko chupa liya usne
Mujhe aata dekh kudh ko chupa liya usne
Ghar kya liya usne masjid ke saamne chahat ne uski mujhe namazi bana diya!

aap ki duniya ke berang andhero ka liya
raat bhar jaag kar ek chand churaya maine
rang dhundhale hain to inka bhi sabab main hi hoon
ek tasveer ko itna kyun sajaya maine ...............

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pusillanimous - lacking courage
valour - boldness
felicific - tending to cause happiness
obsequies - a funeral rite
and nihilation i don't know about that ..........