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for Q: kaplan,k800,OGquant review
for V: OGverbal review,manhattan SC,spidey/sahil's notes

k800 if u r expecting 750+,otherwise not needed.

I mean as u jus mentioned d books n moreover finding the stuff that goes wrong as in y its wrong n finding the ones that u guessed n y ther r right!!!!!!

It's east said than done..... coz i face the same problem.


Till the extent i have researched about good coatching institutes in hyderabad. Princeton Review is the best. They are having a demo class tommorow at 12 so it will be good if u attend that and then decide. The no of institue is 23220411.

Good Luck

well..... I hav been a part wid Priceton for some time n found it too cosltly for all that it promises. Just an AC or pretty chairs is all the benfit there. Otherwise - I am aware of a few Faculty getting exchanged wid other Institutes as well like Visu, Jeeva, CF, IMS .... I mena institues do chnage their faculties. Thou i'll agree wid black hole that it is better among the few available in Hyd. It's for us to be disciplined n stay focussed even if we join an Insti..... Amit, Prep also depends on the current level u r on ... hav u taken ur Diag Test?
Hey every buddy,

Me alos a GMAT'eer. Will be taking up GMAT in 3-4 months. ....

Anyway, CL Sessions? wat is it abt........ lemme know ....