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the copies of the documents to be submitted need to be attested or what? it doesn't say so in the shortlist (where the document list is given). In other colleges, it is explicitly mentioned that the documents have to be attested.

I will advise you to take the attested copies with you. Administration at NITIE will provide you all the assistance you can think of. Don't worry they will ask you to submit left over documents at the time of admission. :cheers:
just chill
Tanuja Jaishree @tanuja_jaishree
Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) completed its placements for the class of 2012 of the Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management (PGDRM). A total of 225 offers were made by 65 organisations during the week-lon
Jass S @jas.genius

IRMA is altogether in different league. I am impressed by so many non-conventional sectors. Well Done IRMA!!!!!!!!!!

Guys major goof up!!!

My CAT score is 99.57 percentile overall with 99.4 percentile in QA/DI and 97.3 in VA/LR.
10th Marks : 89.0%
12th Marks : 92.5%
B.Tech. : 80.3%
Work Ex (as of 31/08/2011) : 20 Months

But my B.Tech. score is updated as 80.0% in the Prometric database which I didnt notice till now.
Today, after not getting the call from IIM A I found this out. The small mistake deducts 9 marks from my profile score of 29!!!!!
Kindly help what can be done now. Experts please. Someone from IIM A can please take a look?

Try to contact IIM A authorities. They will definitely do the needful. dont worry u will get the call if you are eligible...:) Best of Luck... Cheers:cheers:
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Being physically present in a classroom would soon be a passe for students at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ranchi. As from next year, they would attend virtual classrooms, sitting in their hostels. Lectures
Jass S @jas.genius

What about class participation??? MBA is different from any of the other course due to the style of teaching and idea generation through class participation. IIM R would lose on that. but i am sure the responsible students of IIM R wont like to use this facility.


Hey IIMs,

When a child gets 95% marks in 10th he deserves a seat in the best high school. When a child gets 95% in 12th or Do well in competitive exams he deserves a best college for graduation.

But when I got in none of them, I thought to grill myself and get 99%ile in CAT to reach up to you. I got 99%ile but did not even get an interview call from you. Fault of my father. I mean who else would have told me in 10th to top or ruin life henceforth. I of course was a kid.

How can I change my past now ? Can I go back and give 10th class exams again ? What I can do is that I can work hard now. And I did. So where's my share of the fruit ???

You know what you are making me do ? I would tell my child at the age of three that there are world class institutes in the country and if you want to be in one of them then stop playing with your goalless friend and start studying for the IIMs.

I wrote a similar thing three years before and I write this again to remind THEM.

Amit Gulati

It is sad to say that you are correct. While it wont be wrong to say that IIMs are also Correct. The admission criteria in someway is a dictated by the industry which wants the awesome looking profiles and they give them premium for the same. Two years in IIMs transforms you to take on the world and who said that life is a honeymoon after IIMs. I can only hint the reasons. Nobody comes here for learning business without premium jobs.
We have to appreciate the hard work put in by our peers with 99+%ile and good academics.
Who is saying that good MBA can done from only IIMs. with good Cat score you can get a good colg even IIMs.
Best of luck. Don't get dishearten because war is still left.
Hi puys ,
my acads details are as follows:
After 12th i had a gap of 4 years(taken for IITs preparation):-(:-(
having work ex of 13 months in IT
taken 9 month gap for mba preparation
joined IT again...
now total work ex 2.2 and will be around 3years before joining any b-school
my present age is:28 years
scoring 95.xx percentile in AIMCATS

My question is ---->Are these gaps going to bother me? Education gap matters for top b-schools in india?
although i am confident this year going to get good percentile

it doesn't matter till you keep on proving yourself. You have to come with strong reason in interview.
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_(Photo credit: Kunjan Detroja)_ You don't have to crack the Common Admissions Test (CAT) in order to experience the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad as a student anymore. The school is auctioning ou
Jass S @jas.genius

it would be life time experience to experience 400 super brains fighting for minor slot of prof attention...:) PGP in IIM ahd is just like hell... really tough...:)

26th July 2011, I landed in Udaipur with great exuberance and a bit of nervousness. Finally, I got the privilege of being an IIM Student with the burden to perform among the best of brains. I had booked a hotel in Udaipur. After checking in, I went to visit the campus and met the Director and admin staff. After having lunch in the new Hostel(Home to be), I went back to the hotel thinking that tomorrow will be the registration so i can visit tourist places in Udaipur . Out off no where,in the evening,i got a call from College and asked me stay the night in the hostel so that we can prepare for the first case study that was to be held in the evening. The literature was given to us for the class. It was just like saying WELCOME TO IIM .

After the registration, admin staff gave me the material that included three big books with lots case studies. I thought it would be difficult to reads these books in single trimester. I have to put in lots of efforts to complete it. But prof. informed us that this is only 30% of the material for the trimester . It was at that time i felt CAT is tough to clear and IIM is tougher.
First day, it was supposed to be an introductory class. The prof. Came with the quiz. I thought whether she was kidding or screwing us.:shocked: The later was correct. That day,I decided to do whatever it takes to be in top percentile of class and ace all exams. From the following night, I studied till 3:30 am. I tried to stay awake by putting mustard in eyes. Every day in the morning, I woke up by 8:15 am and somehow managed to reach the class by 8:30 am.
Results obtained:
I got a 0.5 out of 10 in one quiz and 4 out of 10 another that means on the brim of getting an F grade(F means Fail). Its time to rethinking strategy. After lots of introspection, I decide that preparation was not adequate and decided to reduce sleep to 4 hours a day.
second week:
I was determined to do better this time around. I studied till 4:30 am in the morning (at least sat in front of a book till 4am), and wait for results to come knocking at my door. I had 2 quizzes again and the results sure came and knocked me down.
I got a confirmed F for the first one,the other result not yet out, but had done the first one better so no reason to expect an A+ for it:-)

Third week: change strategy. Enjoy life as much as one can. Optimize my time sleeping as much as I can. I tried to put in bare minimum effort, and see what develops. no results out
yet, but I think I like this strategy better. Lets us see how this one turns out to be. if I get a grade better than an F, I am sticking to this one. Even if I get f nothing else going to work so I will be sticking to it. You need to get minimum of a C grade to pass the first year, and there is a D grade
between a C and an F.

As with any other college, the real flavour of IIM Udaipur is best experienced in its hostels. Time inside the hostels doesnt run according to the Indian Standard Time though, at any point in the day the mean number of people sleeping and those wide awake are roughly the same. The latter are either working furiously to complete some assignment or trying to derive some inspiration for doing so off of Facebook!

Come 8:30 AM and its quite common to see mouths frantically trying to gobble down the breakfast before entering the lecture hall hopefully before the professor. The afternoons and evenings that are privileged enough to not be spent in class are utilized for impromptu siestas, corridor cricket matches or Counter Strike battles. More often than not though, it is all the three combined!

The nights can be rather subdued before a quiz or some similar tragedy scheduled for the next day, however one thing that manages to bring people together even in times of such hardship is the call for Maaro Maaro Maaro Maaro that accompanies every poor souls birthday celebrations. The crowd congregates, beats the person black and blue, eats all the cake, (occasionally remembers to wish said person) and then go back to their respective studies. The quizzes still lie in waiting, and they are not going to study for themselves!

P.S It is seriously advised not to have a girl friend or else u would get screwed... Guaranteed

Asked Many times this on PG but no good reply from any

Sorry for Spamming

Hi Puys,

10 - 82.24
12 - 53.50
BE - 63.3
Exp - consider it as 1 year 6 mnths till now

From the list which colleges will i be eligible if i score good considering my prev acads

1) IIM's ( any)
3) MDI
Which other premier institutes am i eligible if scored good in Tests plz share some knol about this

you somewhere have to understand that people out here are not the stakeholders in the admission process.
as far as my understanding of criteria s are concern u are eligible for many IIMs, NITIE, MDI, Fore, LBS, IMI, IIFT, SIBM Pune n Bang, SIIB, KJSOM and many more. Your eligibility doesn't guarantees you the seat :shocked:. As Far as acads are concern you know your status better than i know. So if you think with a exceptional good score u can get a seat then you are right but it's easier said than done. now it's a time to gear up for CAT rather than discussing about CAT.
Note: Stakes of CAT are at its paramount.
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GibsonLesPaul Says
Guys seriously I'm so pissed off at the moment.. I just looked into IIM Udaipur admission criteria and it is just adding fuel to the flames. I dont know why in this world are IIM's posting such a goddamn weirdest criterias. This is seriously pushing me off and I dont know where to vent my anger.. Being a working prof, I have limited time to study but I make sure I dont fail to study even a single day. When I see a positive change from my mocks, the very next day I m confronted with a insane criteria and I regret each time for having had decent acads during engg. I'm so so so pissed off.. Why would they unwelcome working professionals.. I have no idea why they have such a notion?? FMS news was a big blow and now more and more changes which really rubs me off the wrong side.. Why cant all IIMs follow one thumb rule. I'm so confused at this stage. If not this time, I would certainly go the gmat way.. I dont have to worry each day abt IIMs declaring criteria.. ..

As an IIM Udaipur student, I would like to tell you that IIM Udaipur will give calls purely on the basis of CAT score. Rest of the criteria doesn't matter until you get the call. And i can assure you that if you get a call and have the capability to convince the interviewer about your candidacy then you are in. and Once you get into IIM system then you will realize that IIM udaipur criteria will hardly effect the candidacy of a person. as far as IIM Udaipur is concern its faculty say about itself and about the commitment of the Director and administration. It's worth taking pain for it. don't worry too much just concentrate on CAT and score awesome percentile. i bet you would be more then happy to do it.
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