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Hi baccardisprite,
I have gone through most of the posts within this forum....Awesome work sir!!! I would like to introduce myself as a B.E. Electrical, passed out in the year 2003 and since then working which makes my work-ex to 6 yrs...Out of 6 years....I have 1 year experience in Project Execution, 1 year in Sales,4 years in Product Development (Switchgears)...(Out of the last 4yrs, 1 yr I was in the Middle east).All the experience has been gained in 4 different companies and the companies are well known and market leaders in their respective fields....and about my academics...I can say I was an above average person with 79% in SSC & HSC and 65% in B.E. Now seeing the lucrative options and avenues that open up after doing MBA, I am looking forward to a program which would benefit me to help encash my previous experience and help me grow faster in the Industry.....(Although excelling will depend on my likings and my dedication towards work, but I am looking forward to a right platform (Right Univ) through right means MBA/MSc,etc..).....Will my expereince in different fields and differenct companies be of any disadvantage to me in getting into some good Univ??? I am planning to give GMAT by March 2010 and will be aiming at 700+.....Considering my experience... I feel operations,SCM,Marketing are the fields that I should specialize into....I would like to have ur comments/suggestions on the same plz....Request to please suggest some B-schools/Univ with good ROIs and giving special consideration to expereince and that to in the field of Core Engineering........

Thanking you.....

Awaiting your reply.....

There are over 110 million dogs and cats in the United States, which is more than the population of any Western European country.

(A) which is more than the population of any Western European country
(B) which are more than the population of any Western European country
(C) being more than the population of any Western European country

(D) more than any Western European country in population
(E) more than in any Western European country by population
Answer should be E

1) C
2) B
3) C

Will attempt to explain in due course.......


I had used Score top material via subscribing to VIP membership. Now I have received a email from GMAC stating that "We are writing to inform you that this information shows that you have purchased GMAT(R) study materials through VIP membership in REAL GMAT EXAM QUESTIONS .
Please be aware that the unauthorized distribution and use of our copyrighted material - including Guides, GMAT Prep(R) Software, GMAT(R) Focus, and purported "real" GMAT(R) test questions - violates our policies and is illegal under the United States Copyright Act. Such violations can result in score cancellation, prohibition from testing again, notification to schools, and, in some instances, more formal legal remedies. Violations include selling, posting, purchasing, and discussing any copyrighted materials. GMAC(R) takes these actions seriously and continuously monitors Internet forums, Web sites and other venues where our copyrighted material is illegally sold and distributed"

Now that I have decided to take GMAT on 20th Aug. How will the above message hamper my future career?? Can u help pls.

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Thanks a ton abhi:2gunfire:.....

1.Until quite recently, American presidents lived in a world in which the public and private realms of their lives were largely separate, and the press cooperated in maintaining the distinction, and Americans judged national leaders without receiving, or expecting, intimate information about them.
(A) and the press cooperated in maintaining the distinction, and
(B) where the press cooperated in maintaining the distinction, and where
(C) for the press cooperated to maintain the distinction and
(D) the press cooperated to maintain the distinction, for
(E) in which the press cooperated in maintaining the distinction, and in which

The answer should be A....

2.Water and resource management problems will be at the head of the legislatures list of concerns for the coming session.
(A) Water and resource management problems
(B) Problems of managing water and resources
(C) Problems in the management of water and other resources
(D) Problems of water and other resource management
(E) Resource management problems, including water

I am confused between C & A .I find C to be wordy....
btw, whats wrong with A?????

My answers::
I m not sure:



tough ones dear...

my answers to first 5
1) B

hi ashishjha100, Plz post the OAs dear....

1) A
2) A
3) A
4) D
5) A
6) C
7) A

What are the OAs????