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you dont need to worry about your cat score, you can just mention your mat score and leave for the cat score column as they will take it consideration as it is for result awaited and your application will be screened.as when ever u get ur cat score u can probably provide them the copy of same if needed.
Pranit jain

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hi sbz
Congratulations for your MAT score ,I would recommend you to go for marketing that will give you an advantage and then you can go for media mgmt. some colleges you can apply with these scores is

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Hi kandpal
Mat score more than 80%ile will give you very good option, you have no. of choices
AMITY, IILM,ASIA PACIFIC, JIMS, BUT personally i would recoomend you to go for IILM, as salary package of the college are reasonably good and had a very good placement team. Interviews for college are starting in various cities, you can visit IILM site and get more details
Pranit Jain

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Hi Falak
i would recommend you to go for marketing major for specialization and it as major, that will be best combination for you to pursue your specializqation.

To choose a specialization, i will advice you to go for psychometric test, you may not be aware of the tests, but this test will give you a brief idea and help to choose your specialization. It will help you to understand your nature, qualities, which field suits you for and help you in making a prefernce for your specialization.

Hi pooja,
It is not necessary to have a speed of 400-500wpm for reading, mostly when the RC is not getting clearly understood, rather its imp to understand the RC as per in the best manner to answer the questions, surely you cant be too slow but reasonable speed will do enough.
I will advice you to scan through the passage and also read out to the questions regarding RC so, that u get the general idea about the passage and can develop the interest for the RC as well and this will also help you in increasing your reading speed of the RC.

Hey buddy,
I Have been to alliance business school . And for your sake information it only provides GOOD** placements in MARKETING Stream only.
Where GOOD means fetching a package of around 12- 14 lacs for 2-3 students and for rest about 1.8-4 lacs which make a very good avg package per student..
Hope u got my point.. :splat:
Where as in IILM gurgaon, they are placing all student with individual package not less then 3-4 lacs if you maintain ur CGPA

Thank you for this reply, that is what i mentioned i am talking about IILM institute as a whole not about any individual student. It is but obvious, package depends on how an individual performs but IILM as basically provides you the platform with overall good placement opportunities.
Pranit Jain
please do not make vague statements...alliance is d best option under mat.iilm gurgao is not comparable to it.see i have no hard feelings for any one.but 1 advise i would like to give is please check the mandtory disclosure of the colleges(given on the site) before applying.it provides info about placement faculty etc.
n please do not go only by the placement figures..they are all inflated....research about the faculty the teaching methodology...they should be the important criteria while deciding on the college..if you are groomed properly ull defintly get a placement...

This was just the suggestion given by me, and i did not criticize alliance but i told about the option of IILM GURGAON as well. And even if you are talking about the faculty, IILM has got a real good and experienced faculty with the all the latest and new teaching methadology. SO please do not have such hard feelings and i request u too just make a search and surely u will find the viability for the IILM.
Pranit jain

yes, i completely agree if you go by the basis of placements, then IILM Gurgaon has an upper edge over amity noida. Alliance bangalore is at par with IILM GURGAON but going by the fees structure u have to loose your pockets more in case of Alliance bangalore than IILM, for the samE outcome.
Pranit Jain

HI, Shipra
i congratulate you for your score, i advised you to go for some colleges while going through cat exam, to cover some risk. there are very good MAT colleges and i will prefer u a IILM institute as one amongst them. i will advise u for the IILM BECAUSE OF my personal experience. Definitely a very good college with a very good placement team and also a great learning experience u being a fresher. if possible do give a visit to the college or refer it from its sites.
reply me for any queries.
Pranit Jain