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aashika bhansali @chinki93
a company has a loan of rs 200 crore for 3 years at ci of 10% annually compounded. the company wishes to repay the loan in 3 equal installments at the end of each year. what will be value of each installment.
Abhishek Jain @jain4444

x = each installment

[(200*110/100 - x)*110/100 - x] = x

Puys I'm planning to give CAT-15. I have 2 years work-ex, but my work has become uninteresting so I'm planning to quit. Will it have a negative impact during the interviews (assuming I make it to the PI phase) ? 

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  • Hmm....thanks. I meant something part-time, volunteering .... 19 Feb.
  • @TechieNik ....get a couple of certifications....for exam.... 24 Feb.
Nikash Pandey @TechieNik 3

Hmm....thanks. I meant something part-time, volunteering for an NGO etc.

Ashu Goswami @Ash227 239

@TechieNik ....get a couple of certifications....for example Six Sigma etc.

volunteering etc for NGO is good to write, but no one is gonna consider it a big deal....moreover even if u don't do anything credible there, you can still boast a lot of stuff and they are not gonna do any background check for that.

So, the best bet would be to get certified. If u r a techie, then try OCJA or CCNA or something like that. Six Sigma's Yellow or Green Belt will itself boost ur chances by atleast 4% to 5% .

Alankrita Mukherjee @nalankrita
Hi All, I am planning to join CAT online course, Please give your suggestion which is best career launcher,byju,Handa ka funda or mindworkz.
Red Label @Sagar_the_red_devil
Puys I am planning to join Alchemist. Can you please share your views about it.
Abhishek Jain @jain4444

i will suggest alphanumeric --- it is good for avg students as they start with basics

Vineet Sudev @vineetsudev
I am from Mumbai. Would be grateful if some one could guide me in selecting coaching institute which is a daunting task now a days. Any views on 2IIM, Endevour Careers etc Open for suggestions.
Abhishek Jain @jain4444

If you are looking for Online class then you can join alphanumeric.

taru gupta @tinaxyz
Hello...I want to join coaching institute for xat,snap,nmat and the upcoming exams in Delhi. I have given CAT this yr. Also i have heard time cp is good. Could you pls advice me which institute is best with less no of students in batch and best faculty. Also i had enrolled in time in bangalore.....
Shilpi Nayar @ShilpiNayar
This is definitely off the track. Preparing for CAT 15. Currently working with Amazon. Unable to find time for regular coaching. Therefore have to rely solely on online coaching. Heard about CL Online Smart CAT cracker comprehensive but no substantial review is available. Any suggestions re...
Abhishek Jain @jain4444

You  Can Also try Alphanumeric Online course

"Link for Modern Maths Session : - we will discuss all questions from Permutation & Combination, Set Theory, etc. date : 20th Oct, Timings : 10 AM Onwards." https://alphanumeric-edu.webex.com/alphanumeric-edu/onstage/g.php?t=a&d;=669840931 *_Please register if you need revision in Modern Mat...
Harshit Rastogi @harshit961
I want to join a coaching Institute in Delhi for CAT 15. I am confused between Tathagat/Alphanumeric/AnkGanit. Please suggest. Also what is the approx fee of all these institutes?

last two digits of 83^83^84^84 ?

  • @D.Uchiha using remainders is one way to go. OR.. you ca.... 12 Sep '14.
  • so using remainders.. first find the last two digits of 8.... 12 Sep '14.
KrackJack @arvindpavithran 45

using remainders is one way to go. OR.. you can use the eulers theorem  ... to solve using remainders go thru this link ->


... for eulers..


KrackJack @arvindpavithran 45

so using remainders.. first find the last two digits of 84^84 = (21*4)^84 --- last two digits =44 ... then 83^44 ... whose last two digits will be 21.. and finally 83^21 = 83^20*83..... 1*83 = 83