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Hey all

I am planning to write the exam by june month. Hope i can join your group.
I have 3.5 years of IT consulting experience, working with Ernst and Young now.

Well the result was very much like the expected... The cut-offs were as predicted.

Congratulations to all the call getters.

Guys ... will there be any second list... ???

70 in QA
96 in DI
99.9 in verba
overall 99.45

history repeats again...

I am screwed again:splat::splat::splat:

will there be any second list by any chance ???????????????????:drinking:

70 in QA
96 in DI
99.9 in verba
overall 99.45

What are my chances?

dint get XLRI

Congratulations to all those who made it.... This years SNAP was terrific an eye opener ... If this continues then getting an indian MBA will be more difficult than from any other place.


Yes i too think the same, in the flash video and the sample format that the nmat has displayed in their website I dont see the review option. I think the idea is to read the question do it fast if possible else click on next and complete the first round round of attempts as fast as you can. In the review section you can choose to attempt the unattempted once and the flagged once. Guess they are pretty much asking us to attempt only easiest among the lot at the first go then go for the better once.


Its really hard to say but you do have chances for a call from SCMHRD, if you have a good profile you will be in the comfort zone but else just keep your fingures crossed.

SIBM Pune some sources say has declared cut-offs as 107:


Beware the authenticity is not yet confirmed

hmmm its on the website of SIMC mate... check it out... or vicit the thread of SIMC the GDPI list is out for SIMC....