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saurabhsachu Says
hello seniors... what would we guys do from 28th june to 12th july??? its some kind of foundation course i guess BUT WOULD WE HAVE TIME TO ENJOY GOA DURING THOSE DAYZ.. because after 12th we'll be busy like 20 hours a day till first trimester finishes...

Well yes, you aould have time to enjoy Goa during your foundation course. At least we had it. And its good fun to enjoy Goa although it would be raining at that time i suppose, but Goa's a lot of fun even in rains. The college would provide you with accomodation at that time, so for all those who have apprehensions as to what to do from 28th June to 12th July, you would have classes during that time. So come prepared, as you will get time to go back home only after the first trimester finishes.
@ Seniors
Please tell me whether the presence of guardian is required at the time of admissions. Accordingly i ll make my tickets.

No, its not required
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yup um talking abt the term exams... any tentative dates of the exams i can know??
or atleast the month in which the exams takes place...plzz

Alright, look in GIM you are evaluated not based on any particular exam. We have projects, assignments, mid term, end term, quizzes, term papers, et al. And how much wieghtage is attached to which component is decided by the faculty taking the subject. Your mid terms will be roughly 1 month post the commencement of your 1st term, and end terms at last. A term is roughly 3 months long.

But it may happen that the faculty decides that your end terms will carry only 30% weightage of total evaluation and the rest is distributed in all other components, hence i dont really see how this info can be useful to you at this point in time. But I hope I have answered your query. Plz seek clarification if needed.
I have a general query seniors. We need to choose specialisation only in second year right? If I choose finance, are my options only restricted to banking and financial institutions. I cant move to IT?

If i choose IT, does that mean ki I cannot get jobs in financial organisations.

The query comes in mind because
1) suppose I take finance. Now IT companies need domain experts for high level desigh of banking projects .Anain I can be Functional consultant in ERP implementation.
2) Suppose I take IT. IT is required everywhere. Does taking IT means that my options are restricted to only IBM, INFY, CTS,TCS......etc etc.

Please clarify my doubt.

Well thats a very good question if I may say so. And the answer is NO.

Your options are not limited to BNFS if you specialize in finance and not to IT firms if you specialize in IT. You will get the oppotunity to sit in whichever companies you want, given you meet their shortlisting criteria, which is seldom based on the specialization you do. So, if you are a finace major, you can still fetch a marketing or IT job and likewise. And the placements here are a testimony to that.

Although, it is always a good choice to major in the field you want to make career in. And yes, you will be taking up your majors and minors in 2nd year only.
1. no, nothing in April...correct me seniors if i am wrong.
2. Dont know

1. You dont have to send anything except the DD. Of course debanjan is correct on this.
2. You would not be required to visit GIM in person. In my best opinion, all you would require to do is send a letter to the institute confirming your withdrawal of admission with your signature, and fee will be refunded to you deducting Rs. 1k according to AICTE rules via DD or cheque.
shivi12 Says
can we send 2 dds of 25k each ??

Ok. why would you want to do that? and your query is very specific, so please direct it to admissions office. Call up Jenny ma'm.

Guys, pls use the Thank! button. Although you are most welcome. Please stick to the rules of the forum.

Will the initial payment done by the candidates will be acknowledged through mails or do we need to call admin office for that.

Well, ideally you would get an acknowledgement through mail. But you can always call up the admissions office and confirm the reciept of your payment.
pankaj.arora Says
during our gd/pi at delhi, the professors told us that OT means Operation Theatre...The building in which GIM is presently functional was a hospital long time back....So, the rooms were named for that purpose and till now they are known with the same names...so, i believe the rooms in which the seniors are putting up are the operation theatre of the past...

And thats correct. Dont know if you guys will have a chance of staying in OT or any other hostels as we shift to new campus. These are our room numbers. Operation theatre is the biggest hostel. You also have Hill Top hostel.

BTW, Mayur has yet to change his address to OT 18-19. He's my roomie.
hi seniors

i am in the second waitlist. transferred the money yesterday through NEFT. till when can i expect an acknowledgement that the amount has been received?

hey sakshi,

Well, seems you transferred the money on saturday. And NEFT unlike RTGS takes almost 2-3 days to get cleared. So, your money will reach by wednesday at max. I guess u can expect the acknowledgement by the end of the week.

Thats what i think :). But u can call the admissions office anytime after wednesday to confirm the reciept.