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Hail NITIE, Hail Mandi.... !!!

Do join Maha Mandi on FB, Orkut and twitter ...

Finalllllyyyyy..... after waiting for soooo long... I made it....

I was WL-64..... so I'm kinda borderline case.... Thankgod i was not on the other side of the line....

After no call from BLACKIS at 99.77......... finally, i got smthing gooooood.... :clap:

M verry excited to join NITIE.. !!!!


Thanks for updating the lists (who-so-ever did it)..... :clap:

Although I'm tired of waiting n waiting , but i'm still glad the tracker is back.... :cheers:

kd will return Says
Now something is really disturbing. someone has deleted the 1st 22 rows from the waitlist tracker. Such a gesture really does not help us who have been regularly updating it...

Anybody who has taken a backup, plz add those deleted rows asap.... !!
Bulk Deals for Suits, Laptops, even for Sim cards (basically for the purpose of getting a booster in campus) will be arranged.
Even provisions for loans in campus will be taken care of.

Will update the details as and when we have something concrete, and anyways theres lot of time left...

do we have bulk deals for Macbooks too ??
abhishek_moh Says
Dude thats some research and field work done...Could you provide some similar details for PGDITM(like the number of ppl called in the first list).Its not much discussed....Am looking forward for ITM.

For PGITM.. in the first final list last year.. there were :

10 general
3 OBC (NC)
3 SC
1 ISP (industry sponsored)

I checked the threads from the last 2 years.. Just noted some points worth discussing with you guys :

1. For both the years, the results came in the evening at around 4:35 PM (the first post being made at 4:37PM in both the threads)..

2. for the first installment, nitie will give us around 20 days to make a payment through DD worth Rs 1,40,000 (just a guess.. last yr it was ~1,30,000)..

3. Last year, 134 general, 1 Physically disabled, 41 OBC (NC), 36 SC, 16 ST candidates made it to 1st final list of PGDIM..

this is ridiculous man,....

the established IIMs are calling candidates upto 91%ile and new ones are going for 99.68....

god knows what the IIM guys have in their mind this year...

I totally agree with you man.. I got a call from IIM-Ranchi, my only IIM call at 99.77 overall%ile.. But i still agree the cut-off is insanely high !!!... As i read somewhere, that there will be only 60 seats and that too with reservations, i.e. only 30 odd seats for general candidates... A lot of guys with %iles in excess of 98 are left empty-handed by rest of the IIMs... So huge no. of applications for 30 seats.. May be thats the reason for such a high cutoff..

Whatever, the reason may be... it just adds to the frustration of all the candidates.. !! Why d hell they invited applicants with cat %ile 95..
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can u tell your profile and cat score.

10th - 89.8
12th - 81.6
Degree - BE (chem) - 67.4 (Panjab University)
Passed out in 2009
No work ex

Very good extra-currics (obviously not considered for giving a call, but still an important part of my profile)

Cat score 99.77

Can anybody confirm how many calls have been given in total ??

finally an IIM call.... got a call from IIM-Ranchi... gd/pi in IIMC on 12th May 2010 !! ... M lil excited :))

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