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Federal Bank and United Bank intvw schedules have been put up on their respective sites.

Here are the links:

UBI - Recruitment | United bank of India, Personal Banking Services in India

Federal - Welcome to Federal Bank

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from RBI website. They have published the list of the candidates whose application has been rejected due to some reason(maybe delay or faulty application)

I am interested in knowing how many are left .. no. of people who'll appear for d exam.

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Could you please post the link to the list of rejected forms.
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fresher2009 Says
So all 1250 P.Os r called for da induction n therafter they wud b posted in of da country,is dis da idea?? i m asking dis coz my frnd joined BoB in May,and in their case people from diff.zones were asked to report to different centres.My frnd reported at Lucknow,and after initial training he and his other colleagues have been posted in various regions of U.P.

My guess is that BoB wud have announced the vacancies statewise n that's how the zones come into play, but iob had announced the same on a total basis rather than being region specific.
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Hey friends. Recd my iob call letter a couple of days back, thought I'd share it wid u. So here goes the important info. in this regard:

Joining date 2-11-09 at chennai for an induction process of a week after which we'd be given our postings.

10000 basic
Dearness allownce - 4896
HRA - 6.5 to 8.5 % of basic
City compensatory allowance - 3 to 4% of basic
So total in hand salary wud be around 16000.

Bond of 100000 for 3 yrs.

Probation period is of 2 years.

Candidates are advised to be present one day before , i.e, on 1-11-09 to complete the formalities relating to verification of credentials, as per eligibility, before joining on 2-11-09

Candidates are not entitled to any travelling allowance for reporting for duty at Chennai.

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M thru too.

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NABARD Phase 2 Exam results out.

M not selected (as was very much being anticipated).

Congrats to all those who cud make it.

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Generally 150-200 questions are there to be attempted within
2 or 2:30 hours.Each section contains equal no. of questions.
Each question contains equal marks, negetive marking is there
for wrong answer(generally it is 1/4th of the mark).
Cut off mark for each section and for overall exam is decided
by the authority only. But generally scoring 40-45% marks overall
keeping equal stress on each section means a very good performance.
That means, if there is 200 questions (50 in each section),and
one can answer 25-30 questions from each section with 80%+ accuracy,
then one has a very good chance of getting the interview call.

I dont think thats right.
An overall score of 60% is generally considered enuff for fetching an intvw call but even that's not a surety. If the no. of applicants is huge and the seats are few, even an aggregate of 60% may not be gud enuff.
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test booklet no. 111

quant section,have anyone was getting " relation cant be established "
as one of the answers in the quadratic equations,as i got one.


My booklet no. was 222. N yes, there was a question for which the relationship cud not be established between x and y, reason being that one of the values of x was greater than both the values of y, but the other value of x lied between the 2 values of y.
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Hi Frndz...

My attempts:

English - 39
Maths- 32
Reasoning - 38

I did one mistake... Although I wrote my test form no. 111 in pen and also in pencil in the space above the ovals, but I forgot to darken the oval '111'

Is it suicidal mistake :shocked: ??

It might very well be...The checking machine identifies only the ovals darkened n not the hand written nos. above it, as far as I know. Unless some good samaritan intervenes, u are in trouble.
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