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me a big fan of the lotr series. my fav character is aragorn. Infact when i heard that a movie by the name "eragorn" is comin, i thought that it must be based on the early life of aragorn of lotr fame. was hugely disappointed when it turned out otherwise

I hope he is good

andthentherewas1more Says
Dong Fangzhou??? Yet to see him play though

DO u think that harry would be bumped off in the last book?

any idea about when is the latest in d series releasing

By the way, in all this talk about EPL, we r neglecting indian football. The scene in national football league is really hotting up. Dempo is leading the table. Mahindra united r 6 points behind although they have 2 games in hand. Si if they win both of them, we will hav a tie

I have a strong feeling that Chelsea and Man u will face off in the champions league finals too. Lets hope its a grand finale to an awesome season where both the premiership giants have distinguished themselves

SO the big day is here. Manchester united are playing Everton and Chelsea play Bolton. Today's results(infact every result from now on) will have an important bearing on the final league placing. Being a hardcore chelsea supporter, i am rooting for mourinho nd company. Lets hope they can prevail over bolton nd MAN U loses or draws. Anyway, even Everton nd bolton are both in the reckoning for a uefa cup slot. SO, even they ll give it their best shot

On second thoughts, my fav is "I am leaving on a jet plane" by john denver. On third thoughts...............What the hell, there are just so many. very hard to pick a single favourite

My favourite is "yu say it best when u say nothing at all" by ronan keating

I feel that morality is a very vague topic today. Media continues to play with the definitions of morality according to its whims nd fancies. They just play up an episode if they feel that it will give them the required TRPs. I feel that morality is doing the right thing even when u know that noone's watching. Now how many of us would do that is debatable.