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Hi nalindhar,

i have pm'ed you my email-id. Please mail the books. thanks

hi every body...

I have given cat this year, but expecting 70 -80%le only, havetaken CL coaching for 1.5 months only.Since my job is having a good travelling so not able to prepare consistently.Pls guide should i quit my job or ontinue prep with this.I am not able to join any coaching institute due to my job. I want to so MBA from a reputed college only.

Acdmc backgrnd

10 th 78%
12 th 75%
Btech 74% from NIT

If you think you would not be able to devote enough time for CAT, then search for another less strenuous job. But don't sit at time and study, because it leaves a negative impression in the interviews. i am saying this not because of any general perception but because couple of my friends did the same thing and faced the consequence in their interviews.
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hey guys i am facing a job dilemma at present..

i am a 2011 electronics engineering pass-out.
placed in mphasis but the company hasn't called me yet...& most probably, i will not join it..

did a temporary 5-months full time job in an IIM-A start-up.

present status - searching for a good job and waiting for CAT result

Dilemma - i have got two job offers at present.

1) TCS (KPO Domain) - profile of a business analyst.
salary offered is very less - 1.8 lpa..
2) Bombardier Transportation - profile of software testing and development. decent pay of 3.6 lpa..

the thing is i am more interested towards the KPO profile because i feel it will help in the long run ( post grad goal - MBA in finance/marketing from any of the top 10 B-schools) but the salary as you can see is quite less. Now i am not concerned about money at this point in life but i just think that such low salary might hamper my chances in interviews (for summer, final or any further job interviews). i may be wrong on this apprehension..pls shed some light on this doubt

For the second offer, salary is decent and the brand name is great (fortune 500, better than TCS) but i am quite confident that software testing/development is not my future.

please give your feedback about which job i should take up..thanks in advance

1. In an examination having 2 subjects, a student gets 90iles in each subject. What can be the overall maximum and minimum %ile of the student?
2. How many Squares formed by Joining 4 points such that co-ordinate of each point is Intgral (both X And Y). And both X and Y co-ordinate is lies in range .
3. 2^1008+1,2^1009+1,2^1010+1,2^1011+1
which one are prime number?

my answer to Q 2) is 28
4 squares of sides 8,6,4,2 having origin as the center..
4 squares of sides1,2,3,4 in the first Quadrant..same for other 3 remaining quadrants..4*4=16
2 squares of sides 2,4 using the +ve y axis as mid-line.
similarly we get 2 squares each for +/- ve x axis and -ve y axis.2*4=8..
so total = 16+8+4 = 28.
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imatiiim3 Says
hey I am placed in Mphasis an Hp company and the joinng was supposed to be in October,then they told January and now april...I stared looking for job rigorously but later on thought of devoting time to CAT and dong a certifcation course in dot net...But now that the course will get completed in a month,I will once again start to look for Job or atleast join some NGO...In which company r u placed dude???

i thought so. i am also placed in mphasis.

we are in the same boat
hey guyz
plz help..My acads are
BE-65% mumbai university

I am BE 2011 pass out and is placed in an IT company,which has delayed my joning to April 2012 or even further.So,will I be questioned over this in the interview which I will give for securing admission in a reputed B-school.Will they ask me that why u waited for so long.why didn't u find any other job and stuff like these...To tackle these qns I have already joined a software course to show my effective utilization of the time in hand but still I am a bit tensed about this...
My aim is to gain 2 yrs of work exp and then get into MBA....

thanks in advance


i am facing the same situation. i personally feel that one should start working in any decent local firm and grab some useful work-ex. It will always leave you in a good stead in front of the interviewers that you did not wait for things to happen.

I have been working since last 5 months in an IIM start-up which is located in my city..I had my joining in november which has now been postponed to the month of April.

btw which company are you placed in?


somebody pls tell me the sectional cut-off marks in G.k. in IIFT 2009 paper..

Q what is the min value of the function cos^4 x + sin^4x ?

Q wat is the value of a in equation x^3+ax^2+bx ,where a and b are in AP and a+b is negative,a and b are non zero real no ?

ans for 1) is 1/2 when x = 45 deg..
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17 nov D Day Says
sorry typo mistake its 7^15 is divided by 15..

(7^3)^5 mod 15 = (343)^5 mod 15 = (-2)^5 mod 15 = -32 mod 15 = -2 or 13..
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