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Thanks v_guha...but this list shows the first list and the first waitlist....but no waitlist movement whatsoever!!
Am i mistaken anywhere?

No list has been released after the first one because there has been no movement in the list due to less no. of withdrawals by students
Your wish shall be granted

Rs.1000 will be deducted and rest will be returned if you withdraw and your seat and it is filled from the wait-list.

A very remote chance- If your seat is not filled by any other candidate, you will lose hostel fees too- highly unlikely ;)

Thank you instinctivefist
But is it Rs 1000 even after the session starts? Because I think I read somewhere that once the session starts a higher amount is deducted

Hi Varun,

If I wish to withdraw my admission after the session starts, approximately how much amount would be deducted from the fee submitted by us right now?


I have certain Surety Bond issues with my organization. I read somewhere in this thread that relieving letter isnt necessary for admission, and salary slips would do. But at the time of placements, do the recruiters demand the relieving letter??

I have the same query as I have worked for an organization for 20 months (have the relieving letter for the same) and 2 months back I shifted to a different organization. Now the current organization is not giving me a relieving letter coz I haven't given a 2 months notice, but I will have the payslips. Will the companies at the time of lateral placements demand the relieving letter from my current organization?
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Hi puys,

I have a query that say I have converted NITIE and am awaiting other results, if I submit the initial deposit and withdraw the offer later, is the deposit fee reimbursed? and what is the procedure in that case? Please help.

I'm waitlisted Rank 788... What are my chances? seniors please help

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CAT Score: 98.23

XII: 90.2
Undergrad Major - 71%
Work-Ex (number of months): 21
Sector : IT Security

Any other special thing about u: :lookround:

VENUE: MDI Gurgaon
March 29, 2011; 9:30 am; Panel 3

GD Details:
Topic: Should human right activist Vinayak Sen be released
Number of Ppl present: 8 (2 absent out of a total of 10)
Time: started at around 9:45 am
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: The most silent GD I have ever seen. I guess quiet a few of us were not very familiar with the topic, or maybe not in detail as we ran out of points very quickly. I pitched in a couple of times but not very strong points. I and another guy were asked to give our view at the end of the discussion.

Other Salient Details: We were given 3 minutes to gather our thoughts and approximately 10 minutes to discuss. 2 people including me were asked our views in the end, no summary

PI Details:
Slot: 9:30 am, 1st to be called for the interview
Panel Number: 3
Panel Members Intro: 2 gentlemen. One old guy (OG) and one fairly young (YG), probably in his late 30s
The OG called me for the interview while he was walking out of the room for some work. So when I entered for the interview only YG was there

YG: So you work for XYZ company?
Me: Yes sir
YG: So what do you do as part of your job?
Me: Told a well prepared answer
YG: Which are the 4 verticals of your company
Me: Told
(YG looks satisfied, OG walks in)
OG: You use the owrd majorly a lot. I have never found this word in any dictionary, have you
Me: Sir, I'm not sure. haven't really checked a dictionary for this
YG: So you worked for a finance giant. what does @#$% mean (had never heard the term)
Me: Sir, i have no idea
YG: You work for a finance client and you have no idea about @#$%?
Me: Sir I work on the technical front and hardly get to interact with the business side
OG: So what Vinayak Sen did was right?
Me: Explaining something general since I had no clue about Vinayak Sen
OG: How much have you read about him?
Me: Sir hardly anything
OG: I doubt anyone in your group had much idea about him. Ok so tell me if the students of MDI want to protest against exams here and I lead the protest would that be the correct way
(We had a long discussion around this point with him grilling me if violent ways can be used and whether the end result mattered and not the means through which it is achieved. We even went back to discussing Gandhi and Bhagat Singh)
OG: Ok you have mentioned dance in your hobbies, what style of dance was this?
Me: Sir freestyle mainly
OG: So freestyle is like someone has a stomach ache and jumps around throwing his legs and hands
ME: Sir in layman terms that could be an explanation
OG: So who is the layman? me or you?
Me: Sir both of us since I also don't have any formal training in dance
YG: You have mentioned this initiative about teaching that you worked for during your job, what is this?
Me: Told
(this was followed by some discussion on teaching, if teaching is good then why MDI, placements, etc.)
OG: Ok you may go now
Me: Sir will you be verifying the documents?
OG: Oh yes! Please give me your documents
(Then OG to YG): You can ask questions in the mean time if you want
YG:You have any questions for us?
Me: Asked about their student exchange program
Both: OK All the Best. You can leave now if you want

My panel was pretty chilled out but got to know that Panel 4 were grilling a lot as the guy who went for the interview at the same time as me didn't come out for quite some time

Not sure how it went, though they were pretty cheerful most of the time.

Verdict: Awaited. Keeping my fingers crossed :)
All the best to everyone :cheerio:

Thanks Osham for the link but somehow I'm unable to open it. Here's the link again:

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X - 89%
XII - 90%
Undergrad Major - IT - 71%

IT consulting - 20

CAT Score:
Overall - 98.23

Topic - Should Politicians have a retirement age?
Number of ppl present - 10
Time: 2+16+2 minutes
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
2 minutes to collate thoughts, 16 minutes for discussion, 2 minutes to summarize. Most people were given an opportunity to talk, no fish market scenario that lasted long. Overall a decent GD.

Panel Members Intro: 3 panelists, one lady and 2 gentlemen
What is an E-R Diagram?
What are the various forms of normalization and define them
What all have you studies
Discussion around the final year project
Roles and responsibilities at work
What other calls you have?
If you convert all your calls, where would you go?

Lasted about 20-25 minutes. Panelists were really sweet and encouraging throughout.

Overall an OK interview... Hoping for the best :)

P.S.: Team IMPACT( NITIE seniors) was just awesome. They made the entire process look very smooth and easy, helped out in every possible way


The process is taking hw much time ??

I had the first GD group and the 5th interview. It took me close to 4 hours... i.e., from 8 am - 9:45 am (Registration + document verification) and 9:45 am - 11:35 am (GD + PI)