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rejected but not dejected. congrats to all those who got an admit. its been a great learning experience for. applied to ISB only. will be back in a year or two with a bang. now plan to buy my own car, since this was on hold becoz of ISB result. i need to make my life, whether ISB or not..thats life.
congrats to everyone once again.

quest2011 Says
What if they have started sending emails already...and we are assuming that they need to start....

then it sad :-(:-( coz none of our fellow puys reported cant happen that way (i would prefer)..

i have got 83 notifications since 2:35pm in gmail from PG regarding the posts in this forum. we all are waiting in anxiety and hoping for the best. cheers to all of us and all the best to everyone. last 30 minutes...:clap::cheers:

i was recently working for a tender project. but suddenly today the top management decided that we won't be bidding for it! and today is the day for ISB result! so don't know how to co-relate both the events so basically from today i am jobless even having a job!

after talking with the adcom teamover phone,someone today morning confirmed that the result will be put after 5pm..

My friend got a mail from ISB just now.....

Was given an admit, with 2years deferred admit, they would pay him 2 lacs as a joining bonus if he chooses to accept the seat.
They assured monthly pay , matching the then salary, with appropriate hike (discounting the inflation)
They assured a free bride selection , since he is a bachelor... and assured he can use the rec center to solemnize the marriage.
The guest shall be served by the 5 star chefs of their MESS.
Needless to say if they choose to have their kids in the campus, the kid shall be offered a 25 yrs deferred admit.
For him conditions would be as under............

Yaar koi kuch bhi likhega maan loge.... we have quite a handful of puys here, they will always report correctly, ignore such comments....:o

nice took some mind off from the wait

the waiting is getting longer by the time the result will be declared!! i having stomach ache due to super tension as to what it would say or even whether I will get any mail today or not!! :banghead::banghead:

by the way, all the very best to all the fellow puys who are eagerly waiting for the result..hope we all get through

well its official now that the result will be out tomorrow. all the speculations about the result getting delayed has been put to rest by Mr. Menon himself.

well after reading all the posts abt deadlines and notice periods, for the first time i'm feeling happy abt being totally free right now......:clap:

BTW, whr the hell is our count-down meter ??!!!

so jealous of you that you are free now!! i can't even concentrate on my work becoz of the wait!
alphaviktor Says
Hope is exactly whats keeping all of us going right now !!!! :clap:

yeah man..the wait is killing! can't concentrate on my work..project deadlines to meet. life is stuck right now!