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Name: Ipsita Ghosh Dastidar
Currently: XLRI - BM, 2008-2010
Work-Ex: 21 months
Graduation: B.Tech in C.Sc from IEM,Kolkata
Graduation Acads: 79.2%
XII: 80.8%(WB.HS)
X: 84.5% (WB )

Updated the list!

Joining XLRI-(BM):)

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Got thru in BM !!!!

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Got thru in BM

guptaanuj Says
Last year somebody called up the adm office and they said that it wont be out before 10th april. but the result was declared that same day i.e. 29th march 2007.....

Ya i too had read something like that in last years thread! April seems to be too too far! :confused:
well there are many ads i hate but the few i can remind of are

1. PEPSI ------ SRK, RANBIR K, Deepika padu, .....shit ad.... youngstaan ...concept ... what is that ..???

2. HeroHOnda HUNK..... i am speechless (i like the bike ) but this ad will certainly have bad effect on sales ......... a guys converts in bull and scares other bulls.

3. VISA ; heart, mind body souls and few singing Assholes.

4. BAJAJ PLATINA ; Jalak dikhla ja song being played ( i hate himesh).

5. Fair and Lovely mens cream : mard hokar ladkiyon wali cream (chup chup k)

ABOVE ALL i hate those 15 mins telebrand ads of AB-KING pro , and crunch machine and blah blah .......

sometime i wonder who are those MBAs to pass/select these ads.
i mean the guys at Herohonda must have seen once b4 selecting that hunk ad. ........... no wonder HH is struggling in premium segment.

I seriously agree with you on the second and the third ones......what has heart mind and body got to do with it and how!!!
ashishash4u1986 Says
hi frnds.this is ashish.can any1 tell me what was the last date till which GDPI process for XLRI continued?it will b of gr8 help if any1 cud tell me when can i expect the final results?

Last date of interview was 14th of this month.

On behalf of alekhya I am copy pasting his interview !

13th march.08
p1(L):Supriyo K De
p2(M):T Raghu Ram
p3(R):Abhijit Gangopadhyay
(forgot some of the portions..and most definitely..not in the perfect order of the actual happenings..)
even b4 i had took my seat,both p2 nd p3 asked me,"why is kalyani named kalyani?"(now my grad college is situated in that place-a place approx 50 kms 4m kolkata,and the story goes like Dr.B.C.Roy who founded the township named it after his,ahem,girlfrnd sorta..so..)
me:yes sir,the story goes like..said Dr.B.C.Roy was fond of a woman named....(all 3 looked convincd,but had more curios looks on their faces..)
p1:yeah..but fond of her,.why?was she his grandma?his daughter?
me:sir,i am not too sure about that..but i am convinced he had some sorta relationship with him..(grins all around)
p3:asked me about my adress..
then p3 and me went about pinpointing the location of my adress in kolkata..
p1(to p3):how do you know so much about kolkata,you aren't even from the city?
p3:yeah..but i have been there quite a few times..(then 2 me):don't worry we are all 4m cal.....again grins all around..
p1 takes my file..scanning it intently..p2 measuring me...
p3:so why have you chosen Chennai as your interview centre?
me:told them about me picking up the form in chennai..then getting transferred..etc..
p1:so you came all the way down?
me:yes sir,and yesterday i experienced the airport fiasco first hand..it was a mess at kolkata airport(it truly was..)
p1:oh ok..the strike..how bad is the scenario..
me:described..(they all flinched and looked at each other..)
p1:we shud pray..cos we are to return 2mro..(grins..again..)
p3:but why didn't you try to change the centre?
me:sir in the letter it was mentioned categorically..
p1(nodding to p3)..cos p1 is the admissions coordinator
p3:so tell me,why do you want to do an mba?
me:this time talked abt my father..his experience in marketing management...in GSK...this inspiring me..
p3:ok..suppose you are to market Horlicks in Chennai and Kolkata..how do u go abt it?
me:talked about STP funda in marketing..how i will go about..gave example of junior horlicks segment..
p3:only junior horlicks?any other segment?
me:yes sir,like women's horlicks that is recently being marketed..Konkona Sen Sharma is the brand ambassador..
p3:hmm..tell me which ingredient in Horlicks is most important for women?
p3:you are right..but too generic..give a specific answer..which mineral?
me:sir no idea..
p3:ok bones..strengethening..
me:calcium..now grins..(p3 gets up nd leaves at this moment..)
p1:give me the name of the biggest MNC in India?
me:sir ,Reliance Industries..(immediately felt sorry)
p1 and p2:noo...this is not xpected 4m u..
me:yeah sir..reliance is domestic company..can i hav another try?but i am not clear as to big in terms of revenue or market cap?
p1.lets say revenues?
m3:vodafone or IBM i think?
p1:no go home and check ur answers..this is ur homework..
p1:so what is the work that you do in ur company?
p1:what is the difference between CDMA and GSM?
p2:ok what is bullion?
p3:GOI recently announced a standard for gold..what is it?
me:sir are you talking about 24 carat standard?
p1:(taking his ring outta his finger)...here also it is written...mfg by guinea emporium..and the standard......
me(feeling like takin the ring and cheking myself)..sir no idea..
me:(feeling gutted)..yeah sir..had it at the back of my mind..
p1:but not at the front...(again grins)..
p2:ok then..tell me what are you good at quizzing then..?
me:sir sports..cricket specifically..(p3 returned at this juncture)
p1:ok,tell me the current status in the UCL..
me:gave them names of 6 of the 8 quarter finalists..cudn't give names of fehnerbasche.(the last match was played the last night..)
p1:which 4 english clubs..
p1:why are teams like AC Milan and Real failing?
me:gave detaild analysis..injury..match fixing..too many stars..being outplayed on the day by AS Roma
p2:what is the weight of a cricket ball?
p3:ok tell me which side is the handle of a cup located?
me:(stumped)..thought he was talking about some cup as in trophy...
p3:cup..as in that one..(pointing at the tea cup at my back..)
me:..uh okay sir..i guess on the right..most are right handers..so..
p3:no..what are u doin alekhya..it is on the outside!
(huge grins all around..me too joining in..)
p3:(to p1 and p2):they asked me this in ICS interview u knw...and i cudnt answer..(gave me some relief..)
p3:ok...alekhya,who won the election in Tripura?
p3:can u name the party?
me:(sudden brainwave..)sir left party won...Manik Sircar was "selected" the CM for the 3rd consecutive time i think..
p3:nodding..elected not selected..

me:yes sir...and if i may add..there have been elections in Meghalaya and Nagaland...gave the names of CM-s..
p2:can you name any cricketer who has played for 2 countries..
me:yes sir,there have been many..kepler Wessels...Graeme HIck..
p2:what happened to HIck..he was supposed to do so well in intl crik?
me:yes sir..blah blah..he had even scored more runs than W.G.Grace in 1st class matches..but..
p1:who has scored the more first class runs?
me:sir,i think it is W.G.Grace..
p1:ok,i'm done(looking at p2 and p3)
p3:ok alekhya..sign the register and you may leave..all the best..
me:thank you..sir..

fingers crossed that's it..ATB to fellow Puys who have got calls!

cheers and regards,


@Zippo that was a great interview!u kept ur cool!Wow!

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