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write a letter that you want to cancell your seat mentioning all your details sign it and FAX that letter to +91 0120 3002300...and also send the hard copy of that letter to the admissions office.also call them it fast so that WL can move by 1 by tomorrow itself.


The Fax no that you mentioned is of main IMT campus

We need to send the fax to admission office no- 0120-2705625.
(this no is not there on web site, its at the bottom of offer letter sent by IMT.)

Rest all is correct in ur post.

You may also check this post-

10- 85.2% (CBSE)
12- 89.6% (CBSE)
B tech- 8.746/10 (ECE,SASTRA University)
Work Ex- 18 months TCS (at the time of GD/PI)
Extra curricular: Have lots of them at various level- national/district/college/association/department (but these do not matter much here)
CAT: 98.26%
Location: IIM Bangalore, 5th May, Morning slot

It was about a company recruiting(on provisional basis) a person for his software skills, but the
person does not perform well, and so has to be removed. But before doing so the manager gives a recommendation
letter to the person so that he can find some other job.
But after being sent out the person moves to court stating that why did the company release him even though
they gave him a recommendation letter.
What should manager/Company do?
(The case study was 1 page long and had many other things in story format. I just brought the main things above)
No of participants: 5
Format : 5 min (reading), 15 min (Discussion) and 5 min (Summary)

Performance: My performance was great. I never had such a great GD previously. Initially I though we may run out of points as there were only 5 members, but it did not happen. We has healthy discussion. All spoke except once guy.
After the GD one of the participant came and congratulated me on my performance. I was indeed happy.

Panel- Old Professor (OP), Middle Aged(MA), Young Person(YP)

OP- he was a technical guy and asked all technical question
MA and YP - I guess they were IIM Shillong professor, though not sure

Pleasantries exchanged
OP: So you are from Purnea, where is it?
Me: told the exact location
MA: You are associated with thanjavur also, do you now tamil?
Me: sir little bit
MA: (Smiles and says) Kunjam Kunjam
Me: Yes sir kunjam Kunjam
MA: What is Thanjavur famous for?
Me: Sir for temples - more than 70 and talked about Brihadeeswarar temple- UNESO heritage, etc and then talked about it being called rice ball of tamiladu- here gave reference to women being empowered by allowing them to use bicycle.
MA: there is something else also more famous?
Me: talked about thanjavur history- chola capital, then talked about thanjavur paintings and its specialty.
(MA was satisfied by now)
MA: How do you find people there.
Me: Told them I found them very helpful and explained with a situation where once the village panchayat helped us in critical situation.
MA: you were in dean's list of you college. what is this for?
Me: told top 5% or 10% of University
OP: do you have proof for this... he tells YP to verify
Me: I said yes sir I do have it.
MA: why were u not in dean's list in 3rd and 4th yr.
Me: Results of all streams are taken into account and in my stream it is difficult to score.. so we did not have any student from my stream in final yr in dean's list.
OP: But I heard mechanical is tougher, they have to make tough drawing, electronics is easier.
Me: We were not able to meet our professor's expectation so less marks.

YP: You have written about an ethical dilemma. How was it a dilemma for you. ( I has written one full page there in the form )
Me: Explained him in details and then some cross questioning happened on various scenarios based on the dilemma

OP: What do you do at TCS?
Me: told that I am a test analyst, but my work revolves more with interacting with clients and 3rd party then talked about mortgage business (my field) (took 2-3 min to explain this)
OP: Goldman Sachs was in news. What for?
Me: Told roughly, but could not convince him
OP: So, you do not know the exact reason?
Me: Yes Sir
OP: What is Sup-prime borrowers?
Me: Gave a laymen answer and related it to crisis. (op was convinced)
OP: Where did you have training?
Me: Ghandhinagar and then Delhi
OP: What were you trained in?
Me: Talked about scheme and HR training, then told Testing.
OP: what is white box testing?
Me: told roughly (just the definition)
OP: I am asking how do you do it?
Me: Sorry sir, I don't know .I do not do white box testing. I am in Black box testing.
OP: How do you test the complexity of code.
Me: Sorry sir, I don't know.
OP: What are the different complexities in code?
Me: Sorry sir, I don't know.
OP: Did you get training on Software engineering?
Me: No sir
OP: how much technical do you remember?
Me: Sir little bit.
OP: let me ask you from your last semester, that would be most recent. (this was a death blow for me- I had goofed up last yr of engg after placements:) )
OP: Tell me about the OSI model that you studied in Communication networks?
Me: Told- talked about the seven layer, but could name only 5 of them.
OP: So you know top and bottom and nothing about body.
Me: Sir I am not able to recall it.
OP: What is TCP/IP?
Me: Told, and before ending I mentioned FTP also.
OP: FTP full form.
Me: Told
(then OP was going through other subject in last yr, and I did not wanted him to ask me anything on that, so I told him that I know 8051 microcontroller also)
OP: you know only 8051. Why?
Me: Sir, this is the basic microcontroller taught to us, but I do now about other- then talked about pic controllers.
OP: I heard something about 8056. What is it?
Me: Sir, it is 8086, its a microprocessor and told diff between 8051 n 8086
OP: Can u draw the internal structure of 8085.
Me: Sir, do you need block diagram.
OP: yes that only.
Me: I started drawing, but after some time he stopped me.
OP: What is ALU.
Me: Told
(now OP again flips my grade sheet... and now he finds satellite communication.)
OP: Have u heard about Sriharikota.
Me: Yes sir, there is ISRO GSLV launch pad.
OP: What is GSLV. Full form.
Me: Told
OP: Can it be placed at any height.
Me: Sir, it is at a height of 35000m, but I am not able to recall the reason.
OP: What is Escape velocity.
Me: Described and told the exact value

YP: So Purnea was in news recently.
Me: Sir the floods
YP: no no that is long back.
(he was referring to tornado which affected this area, I don't know how I missed it . I had read about it :banghead:)
YP: How do you find the developments in ur state.
Me: Told about developments in my district... and ended by saying that these now hinges on the election coming at the end of year
YP: Tell me something significant about your region.
Me: Talked about madhubani paintings... ended up saying NGO play a good role here
YP: Can you name any organization related to it.
Me: Sorry Sir, I do not know.
YP: What is govt doing to remove poverty. Tell me any program undertaken by govt.
Me: Talked about NREGA.
YP: What is its new name.
Me: Told- Rajiv Gandhi Rural Employment Guaranty Act (again wrong- its Mahatma Gandhi :wow: )
YP: How is it removing poverty. What is the criteria about selection.
Me: Told all I now, but not to YP satisfaction.

MA: Tell me something about Shillong.
Me: told about culture, location, golf, rock-band, etc
YP: Can you name any rock-band from there.
Me: Sir I am not able to recall
MA: what is the population of shillong.
Me: Sir I don't know.
MA: What is shillong's area.
Me: Sir I don't know.
MA: Any idea about population and size of NE region.
Me: Sir I don't know the exact figures.
MA: Ok tell me as % of India.
Me: Sir size should be 10% to 20%.
MA: 10 to 20 percent is big difference.
Me: Sir it should be close to 10%.
MA: any idea about latitude and longitude of Shillong.
Me: Sorry Sir
MA: What is India's longitude value.
Me: Sir I don't know.
MA: Where does it pass through.
Me: Sir don't know exactly, but I guess its Nagpur. (Again wrong answer from my side)
MA: Does it lie E or W of Greenwich Meridian.
Me: Sir East.
MA: are u sure?
Me: Yes Sir.
MA: Any idea about latitude passing through India.
Me: Told about Tropic of cancer. told the exact value.
MA: Sun rises at different places at different time. Any advantage about it.
Me: Thought for some time.. but could not recall anything... (could have talked about India US timing diff-- boon for IT industry)
MA: Tell me anyone situation where geographical problem has lead to a political situation.
Me: Thought.. and then said about the floods in bihar and it became political... but MA was not satisfied
MA: Any other
Me: took long time to think ... and then said about the cauvery river dispute between Karnataka and Tamilnadu.
MA: where does cauvery meet in sea.
Me: Sir I don't know.
MA: it is near to chennai, aren't you able to recall it.
Me: No sir.

MA and YP says they are done with me... in the mean time OP was preparing a puzzle for me

OP: I have a puzzle for you.
(he draws a triangle with certain values and a median... and tells me to find the median's length)
Me: I started with stupid mathematical formula...
(10/15 sec after OP says Leave it)
Me: Sir, I can tell you the process
OP: Even then you would not be able to solve it.
Me: (Then I figured out the solution).. the triangle side lengths were not correct and told the panels
OP: Very good
OP: you may leave now.
(as i was leaving OP tells me to take a chocolate.. I took one.... OP tells why only one ... you should grab more... I said- Sir I am single so I would take One only... All Laughs)

Total Interview Duration : 45 min +

Verdict: Selected


I converted IIM- Shillong

So W/L moves by ONE

But, I had already sent my draft to IMT, and I am not sure if it has reached them or not (though Courier says it has reached, but there is no conformation from IMT side, even I tried to call them and no one pics the call)
I want IMT to return my DD as it is to me- this would reduce there hassel and speed up the process

Now for cancellation, should I send a proper signed letter to them or an email would do or should I send a fax.

I want my cancellation to be done before 15th , so that I do not block the seat for 1st w8list guys.

Puys, what should I do?

After trying 15-20 times, finally am official picked the phone.

This is what I got if u want to cancel ur admission-
1. Send a fax of a letter signed by you stating that you want cancellation and refund. Do mention ur CAT/IMT details, Name under which you want DD/cheque, Address where money has to be sent.
IMT admission office fax no is there at bottom of call letter. (I could not find it on website)
2. Then, send that letter to them through courier/post.
3. The amount deduction is per AICTE guidelines, right now its Rs 1000.

NOTE- Cancellation does not happen by sending them email. the offical said email are not valid they need signed letter by us.

PS: Sorry for interruption, puys u may carry on the healthy discussion.
PPS: Seniors, you are doing gr8 job.



I converted IIM- Shillong

So W/L moves by ONE

But, I had already sent my draft to IMT, and I am not sure if it has reached them or not (though Courier says it has reached, but there is no conformation from IMT side, even I tried to call them and no one pics the call)
I want IMT to return my DD as it is to me- this would reduce there hassel and speed up the process

Now for cancellation, should I send a proper signed letter to them or an email would do or should I send a fax.

I want my cancellation to be done before 15th , so that I do not block the seat for 1st w8list guys.

Puys, what should I do?


I converted IIM- Shillong

So W/L moves by ONE


Finally after series of rejects/waitlist/minor-convert, I got 2nd best call converted

IIM-Shillong Converted

Would be joning for sure

I am through.... and would join for sure...

Can some one clarify-
What is the total fees (including everything- hostel, education,etc)
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What do they mean by character certificate (see at the end of pdf) ?

How do we get it and in what format?

seniors help!!

Well my score according to IIML criteria

CAT score=30* 245/450=16.33
class 10= 10* 93/100=9.3
class 12= 5* 87.5/100=4.375
grads= 5* 8.3/10=4.15


what was the cutoff score?

Dude I also in the same boat

CAT score=30* 237/450=15.8
class 10= 10* 85.2/100=8.52
class 12= 5* 89.6/100=4.46
grads= 5* 8.746/10=4.373

Category- General

Can somebody please tell the cuoff total ?
vivekkahn Says
............ You need to update your score on the website b4 2nd march 2010 and hardcopy (printout) of CAT scorecard shud reach NITIE by 5th march 2010.

Do we need to update the cat scores at Onlne Application - PGDIE

At the above link I am not able to login.. even forgot password is not working for me... any solution?

To which address are we supposed to send CAT scorecard.

PS: Please reply asap, as we have few days left