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got the call at 99.61 guess am on the borderline

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AIR 386 at 87.25

Got 6.46/10 GPA which somehow amounts to 59.6% according to my Univ's skewed criteria, can anybody please tell which IITs I have a shot at? Will be of much help

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KAC8L591 Says
Count me in too... Used to Play chess during my college life with best ever ELO rating of 2310...Played at University level for three consecutive years.. Also Won lots of Gold medal at National Level..

ELO of 2310!! where dude, you might be qualified for atleast an IM norm!!

please PM e-mails, don't post it over here, against PG rules :biggrin:


then if you're a die hard fan of 1. e4-e5 lemme suggest you Nigel Davies' 'A Complete Reportaire of Black in the Open Games' might find this in torrent in .cbh or.cbe format good read, anyone here adept in Sicilian-Najdorf? How to go through it?

  • 3 Likes offers a lot of reasonable good players from around the world, I have ChessBase 9.0 and Fritz10 engines which can route one through's innumerous online players many rated above 1600, google these engines, else we can play through FB also lots of 10 mins blitz games :cheerio:


never cared, never will
IIM C this year or next year
Good Luck IIFT :thumbsup:


just read ' We Must Have No Price' By Arun Shourie, extremely intelligent book, it has essays on factors which are debilitating India's security both internally and externally , this is one book which anyone should read who has even a passing interest in the matters of external affairs/security, in fact Arun Shourie's almost all the 25 books are worth reading!!

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raghav712 Says
What mail did you get from the MDI? The only one I got was the payment confirmation one, not one confirming they had received the paper application.

yeah the payment confirmation one, i doubt if anybody has received the received paper application confirmation mail
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juz fin online payment thru credit card.. thot i'd take printout tomm b4 mailing.. didn't save anythin.. trusted their "check email n take printout" statement, but no email has come till now.. :shocked: Really really worried.. :(

but "ur appln n fees have been received" msg is coming on top of each page..

What's that email id for the admissions dept exactly?

n the others who had similar problems, - did u get it fixed?? just 3 days to go! :(

don't worry dude, check your spam folder it must be there, i found mine in the spam folder too......btw you can always login and take the printout of the application form even if you havent received the confirmation mail
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