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I got thru too.

Congrats to all those who converted. :clap:

But I would be joining L.
So waitlist junta, be optimistic. All the best to everyone.

First season:
Converts: IIML, IIMI

Finally made it.
I am in puys. First IIM convert of my life.
always wanted to use


First season ever (2009) :
Calls : IIML, IIMI
Convert: IIML
Awaited: IIMI

Hi Puys, here comes my experience. Sorry for posting it late, as I was in a state of coma after the interview as I screwed up everything. :banghead::banghead::banghead:

Venue: administration Staff college, Hyd
Date: 19th April
Time: 2PM slot


X - 88.xx%
XII - 76.xx%
Undergrad Major - ECE - 74.xx%

Work-Ex: 40 months Telecom software

CAT Score: OA - 98.5%ile
QA - 90.xx%ile
DI - 98.xx%ile
VA - 96.xx%ile

Case Study/Essay:
Topic: Vigilance by citizens can help curb terrorism.
Number of Ppl present : Approx 24 people were there for the 2Pm slot. Everyone was made to sit in one common room and write the essay.
For the interview, there were two panel comprising of two profs each.

Time: 20 mins.
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Tried my best to write something meaningful. but ran out of time and was not able to conclude.

It was followed by a 5 min psychometric test.

After the test, people were called in randomly for the interview. I was called in very late. The interview for everyone else was lasting 15 mins on an average and 10 min to 25 mins in specific cases.

(my personal opinion completely ->) I think the order in which people were called in for the interview was based on the psychometic tests answers which we filled.

Panel Members Intro: Two middle aged professors.
As I entered, they started bombarding em with Electronics question.
Q) What is a diode?
Q) What is a triode?
Q) Given a diode and a triode can u make a transistor?
Q) What is semiconductors?
Q) What is doping?
Q) What are junctions?
Q) What are minority carriers?
Q) What is VLSI?
Q) What is VVLSI?
Q) What is flux? tell the equation?
Q) How is semiconductors used in railways?
Q) How are they used in Japanese railways?
Q) What is Kochi famous for?
Q) Tell me more about ur college?
Q) What are your hobbies?
Q) Do you have an achievement in your hobbies?
Q) What does your company do?
Q) How much is the market share of ne of your company's product?
Q) Which is the latest product released by google?

They said - Nothing more. we are done.

I was devastated to the core.
wasnt able to answer most of the acads question as i am not much in touch.

They whole interview started and ended in a whiff... and left me crushed. Felt so pathetic about not able to answers the questions.

Many others in my time slot had very chill interview and totally HR types... God knows why i was dragged into acads from the very begining. I guess it has to do with my answers written in the interview form where they had asked about strenghts and weakness as a student.

All the best for rest of you guys who are still to give the interviews.
As of me, I think all my hopes are extinguished now.

Signing off


Can someone tell me how and where to get this affidavit done in Hyderabad?
Thanks in advance!

There is a notary advocate who sits in punchaguta. Beside traffic police station. u can get ur afidavit done from there. I got mine from there. quick and easy. 20 mins job.

X %,Board, year : 88.33% ICSE
XII%, Board, year : 76.8% CBSE
Undergrad Stream: B.Tech. ECE 74.9% CUSAT

Work-Ex: Telecom Software - 43 months

CAT (2009-10):
DI 98.xx
Quant 90.xx
Verbal 96.xx
Aggregate - 98.5
category - GENERAL

Extra acads : decent extra curricular

Any other special thing abt u: none

Interview & Essay

Venue: Monarch Luxor, Bangalore
Date : April 9th, morning 9:30 AM

Essay :
Topic: "It is impossible to climb the ladder of progress without stepping on someone's head. "
Number of Ppl present: 9 present. 1 absent.
Time: 15 mins for essay immediately followed by 15 mins for GD on same topic.
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Didnt have much content to write in the essay. tried talking about moral values, ethics. Did chip in with few examples in the GD.
Time given : 15 mins.
Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3

Panel Members Intro: One old and one young prof.
I was the first one to be interviewed in my panel.
They started with requesting for my certificates. Diligently added the marks in my 10th std to cross check the total marks which I had filled in the personal data form.
below are the few ques which i can recollect.(not in order).
Q. Why is your 12th Std marks so less wrt 10th std.
Q. What is ur CAT percentile?
Q. How many CAT attempts?
Q. Did u take any coaching classes?
Q. Describe ur work profile?
Q. Questions regarding my company. viz. current financial health, ways to improve, etc. ( i quoted stats on quarterly profit/loss)
Q. Asked if marketing is an extra expense which can be done away with or is it a necessary evil?
Q. Is sports more impt that education? (grilled me for 5 mins on this) various type of cross questioning. Asked that MS Dhoni has not completed his education, is it a right thing? Does sports teaches nothing? etc.
Q. What do u do other then your work? (i mentioned my hobbies. But no questions asked).

Overall a HR type of interview. No questions asked on acads or work-ex. So, I am having no clue on how it went. I just tried to answer the questions with confidence.

Rate your preparation(0-5): Average.
Rate your performance(0-5): I have no Clue. Only result will tell. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Any other relevant detail.
guys, please keep ur cell phone switched off. Mine was not, and it started ringing during the GD ::::(

VERDICT : Converted

very true. pls dont take the thread off focus.

Hey guys, m also targeting GMAT in couple of months. m staying in Madhapur.lets form a study group. give me a call at 9396377151.

mate, ur profile looks pretty common.
applicants with IT background are in plenty.
keep ur fingers crossed and all the best.