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_(XLRI Jamshedpur by Anusheel Shrivastava)_ Jamshedpur-based XLRI School of Business & Human Resources concluded its Summer Internship placements for the batch of 2011-13 with 77 recruiters making a total of 3
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Post 12 mentions this : "however it shall be noted that there are some companies recruiting selectively/ opening certain profiles in only few campuses(A/B/C/ISB/XLRI/FMS)." - Just intrigued as to what these profiles are, which are available only at these 6 campuses and not at L. But still, congos on the great placements ! The placement reports available here show how much the top campuses in the country have not let the economic uncertainity affect their placement process to a great extent...Hope this trend continues in the finals too....And one humble request - let this topic not veer towards quality of students and eventually towards reservations, policies, etc.

Good to see IIML signing an MoU with a top US B-School (Kelley's)....Great initiative !!! Hope some more biggies are added in the months to it is, Hel(L)s exchange program was amongst the best in the country, and this pact just adds on to that reputation...Way to go !!

During the stay....can be bring two wheeler vehicles for personal use in the campus. ?
I think I might be first one asking this sorta question..kindly reply :)

Of course, you can !!!

Atleast that's the case till now, not sure if there are new regulations put in for the batch of 2013...

Lucknow is a foodie's paradise, and there are so many spots within the city, that you might be interested in - that the rule applies only for the non-veggies is an altogether different matter....And given that each place is around 10-12 kms from the campus - be it the malls, the shopping centers or the restaurants, its imperative that each hostel is well-stocked with bikes....

Indy (batch of 2011)
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_Concept, illustrations and graphics by *Deepak Gopalakrishnan* aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here._
KP @Indiana-Jones

Awesome !!! One more thing - Both involve a lot of nodding (read agreeing to) without even listening to what the other party says

Good that apatchofsnow has posted on this thread..Cos there has not been a single event at the campus, in which he has not left his mark - be it quizzing, marketing events, cultural events, come what may, its 'apatchofsnow' all the way:cheerio:

Other than that, have been sleeping sooooo much, that I miss classes at 11:30 in the morning !!!! Have missed three classes in the first two weeks, though I have to be among the guys with better attendance records !!! With the 80% attendance rule looming large, have to be extra-cautious with my timings


A thing or two about the weather here....If I were to term it cold, that would be the biggest understatement ever !!!! Its freezing out here, and at temperatures ranging from 8 to 15 degrees, its always necessary that you venture out with your woolen wear on even in the afternoons..Quite a long time since I saw sunshine at the campus....

Used to play baddy occasionally, but now with such conditions, I do think twice before setting foot outside..Restricted to watching movies and surfing the net all within the cosy confines of my room....

But then, thats IIML for you...It grooms you to withstand virtually any kind of hostile environment

Will be back with more updates....

Cheers !!!!


Typing this just at the start of the third term for the batch of 2011...

Well, surprising that this thread has been inactive for over three months now...

Term 1 was hectic and during the break, I was of the impression that the most hectic part of the b-school life was over...I could not have been more wrong !!!

Term 2 is where the real meaning of the term 'hectic' starts making more and more sense...The term started with Varchasva, the sports meet that also had NITIE, XLRI and IIMI participating...It was great fun with lots of formal and informal events that went along with the sporting events and in the end, it was great to see IIML winning the championship ..

There was also SAMVIT'09, the leader's conclave on the topic Emerging Pillars of the Indian Economy...IIML hosted some of the biggest names in the corporate world like Ms. Kalpana J Morparia, CEO JPMorgan, Mr. Pramod Bhasin, Chairman - NASSCOM and President & CEO Genpact, Mr. Ajit Balakrishnan, Founder & CEO -, Dr. Sandeep Pandey,Magsaysay Award Winner for Emergent Leadership, 2002 , Ms Meera Sanyal Country Head,ABN AMRO and Dr. Biswadip Mitra President & Managing Director, Texas Instruments India for this conclave..The conclave was anchored by Mr. Sanjeev Srivastava, BBC India Editor....It was really inspiring to see such big names in person, delivering their thoughts and ideas to a charged up student community !!!

And then before you realise, you have the quizzes and the mid-term. And then just after the mid-terms comes INDEX (INformation through Disguised EXperimentation), the annual marketing research event of IIML. This is a concept unique to IIML where students form teams and conceptualize games and other interesting activities to obtain information directly from the consumers, something that results in quality research data to the companies. Then starts the usual assignments, projects, quizzes..... And then as ever, the end-term starts when you've just settled in....

In between you have the institute parties and other events and competitions going on that you always feel occupied with some thing or the other.... Life is hectic...but to be honest,I feel that there is sufficient time to balance all the activities and still not lose focus on the academic front and get good grades...Just that sometimes I tend to overdo the other unimportant stuff (read entertainment) and end up with less time for academic activities..Would love to change that....It also helps that the academic calender is such that you are always on your toes...And the mid-terms and end-terms ensure that the term 'slogging' acquires an altogether new dimension, with every passing exam...

Signing off for now...Just wanted to start some sort of an activity in this thread.... Would be back with more interesting info and incidents about the life here at IIML....

Cheers !!!!!!


Hi All,

Kudos to Deccan for keeping their nerve and striking when it mattered.... And the team that had been often criticized of throwing away matches they had in their grip, managed to pull back one they almost let go off.....
Deserving Champions !!!

One small doubt - The champions trophy in October has the top three teams from India participating in it... How will the third team be decided ? Based on the number of wins in the league stages ??? Poor Chennai !!! They were atleast among the top3 teams of the IPL, and think they are a bit unfortunate if they lose out on that :-(

Cheers ....

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236 by Gavaskar?

Anyway, since I got one right I get to ask a question, right? :-D

Q: Whats the best bowling figures in an ODI to end up on the losing side?


Is it Winston Davies ? He took 7-51 which were the best figures for a very long time...That name was very popular during the 1999 WC when Brittania gave those cricket booklets - his name was splashed across throughout the book... And somebody who has given 51 runs some 25 years back in an ODI, would have ended up in a losing cause n most cases

Is it right ????
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My 2 cents:

Delhi vs Deccan - Based on the perfomances on the field, I would place my money on Delhi.... The form of all its players, and more importantly, the momentum they have now, would take them thru....And do not forget, Deccan Chargers have the knack of losing the matches they have already pocketed !!!! But any team with Gilchrist, Gibbs, Rohit Sharma and Symmonds in their line-up (do not forget Dwayne Smith), each of whom can win matches single-handedly on their day, can always be dangerous.. Still my bet, 65-35 in favour of Delhi...

Chennai vs Bangalore - This one's really risky.... CSK lose matches after scoring 189 against the bottom-placed team, and win matches after scoring 115 against a relatively charged-up batting line-up.....But their batting strength and Murali's spinning abilities, and Dhoni's shrewd captaincy can stop the Bangalore juggernaut... But hats off to Bangalore for making the come-back of the tournament, and silencing everyone who wrote them off...Kumble's never-say-die-attitude has rubbed off against everyone, hasnt it ??? My bet, 80-20 in favour of Chennai (Some amount of partiality involved - after all I support CSK)....


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