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Hi selected...720/ power sector/ 7.25 yrs...

got mail just now 9.31pm hwever email time was 7.23 PM..

all the best...believe in GOD..ths was my last chance and i got it...

t y

Congrats Dude.. This is the result of ur hard work and honesty!!

I am In

PGPX13 Says
Sir ji-" aapke muh me ghee-shakkar"

No :nono: ghee shakkar.....only scotch and BEER :cheers:

The interview shortlisting link on IIMC website has stopped working, clear signs that they are working on it!!
Results are very near!!

Good news...

I called up IIMC PGPEX office .... The lady who picked the phn said....

"next monday late evening or tuesday morning"

All the best guys..

Gud Job 21-22 is the D day.
Gud Luck!!

Guys any info about results, did anuone called up adcom??
This is wait is very killing!!

nishant402 Says
Guys I am dinged too lets hope for IIM C.

Dont worry very soon you are going to face the Problem of Plenty!! you have to make a choice between B & C!!
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kpavankumar007 Says
one more question - do we need to present the original GMAT score sheet? I received only an ecopy from GMAC.

Take a print out of that ecopy, it will be treated as original copy.. no problems!

Can you share your experience with the dressing protocol - was it just simple formals (with tie) or suits?

My interview is on the 20th in Bangalore ...

Go in proper business formals...suit tie...
Bcos this is how everyone will be dressed!!
mission_IIMB Says
Will ISB mail you individually or you check the result at their website also? I didn't find any result link at their website.

ISB sends Email and SMS to both selected and rejected candidates!!!
Last year the result was out at around 4PM.