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14th Nov,Morning Slot, Prometric iris tech park, Gurgaon
1) How many attempts you have made and also mention the accuracy level.
Sec 1---> 14 -16(not sure of the count)
Sec 2---> 27(not sure abt accuracy)
2) Your last mock score?
80 in total gadha mocks

3) How was your experience of the test?
Smooth, no disturbances.

4) What was the surprise element for you?

VA was tough. RC's were very comprehension specific but doable if good reading habits.
They covered most topics in Quant.
1 DI set was really tough.
Could have attempted 2-3 more question in quant :(

LR was very easy.

5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better?

Do not do caselets towards the end, leave single questions for that time.

6) Your overall analysis of the exam: Toughness, new topics, sections etc.
I found Sec 1 difficult as quant is my Archilees heel.

VA,5-6 questions had too close options.

7) Any other details or something you would like to share -
Relax, sleep well and take a break of 5 mins after completing section 1.

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SET 05

My Take:

1. e.
2. e.
3. e.

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SET 04:

My Take:

1. d
2. d
3. e

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So basically what I understand is :

Marketing guy : creates a story (based on numbers/facts/etc/etc) to build a brand\perception

Sales Guy : Uses that story + his dynamics to sell the product .

Why sales is more important is that you'l understand whether the story u'r pitching will work or not ?

I'm from a non marketing field, so I if got it wrong then please do correct me.

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Caught in the wrong job ? --- YES!!!!

But MO*** isn't helping out . !!

Hey, I am working with a technology start up "mnc" as a software developer since the past 1.3 years .

I had a roller coaster of a ride(professional , actually personally also :P) till now, and I need any help, advice I can get.

I was hired as a java resource,for a dot com start up for the domestic market ie India the start up was something like .

Initially I was working on the code(java, html, css etc etc) (say for a month) then graduated(:)) to the business side of the portal (the transition was very quick and natural)

The business side included handling a couple of vendors, collecting data from around the country, then seo(keyword analysis, analytics, webmasters tools etc etc), marketing(competitor analysis,writing some content for the site,a successful campaign(offline)), and then a very successful stint at sales ( signed 3 clients in my first 3 attempts), and of course coding as well simultaneously.

some achievements:
Alexa rank of 20,000 In India ( I guess decent enough for a one man show ?)
page 1 for a few competitive keywords ( got 78 % of unique visitors via search engines)
Successfully closed sales for 3 clients.

The team was 2 technical guys ( 5,2 yrs exp) , 1 mba guy ( vp marketing 10 yrs exp{not in a dot com though}) and yours truly.

This was the time where I thought ( why does everybody crib so much about work :P:P)

but then my company started getting a lot of business from the us and uk , and the company grew from 6 people in June 2009 to say 30 currently , and of course the food portal was closed down , and I was PROMOTED to a hardcore software developer in the e commerce domain working on IBM WEBSPHERE COMMERCE since the past 4-5 months (I've realized why people crib about work) !! .

So ofcourse now I need a career shift,to which post i dont know ? is it an assistant product manager ? or a business development guy ? or a marketing executive ?

{My company appreciates my business acumen and sales skills, but cannot put me in the sales team because we have our sales/marketing team in the US and not looking at penetrating the Indian ecommerce market right now.

Posted my cv on naukri, monster, and its been a month, nothing great came up.

Getting a decent pay for a 1 year exp guy, respected in the company for my business acumen,hate my job as a developer and don't see myself as a project manager or a business analyst, as my name says inaloop :).

Any help, advice would be highly appreciated.

Ps: I have thought of mba, but not as a cushion for my confusion, but only and only as a specialization.

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