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1. Name of Institute: FMS
2. Word Limit: 150
3. Question: Discuss your Career Goals (stating in about 150 words), how being at Faculty of Management Studies can help you achieve your goals?

4. Your SOP:

I did my engineering in Production and Industrial Engineering from DCE. Currently I am working in BHEL and posted at a turnkey power plant project. . I have gained valuable technical experience by continuously working on clients site. My experience of working at project site has made me realise that for a timely completion of project an engineer needs to have not only technical expertise but also a good understanding of finance, material management, people management and leadership skills.

I want to be a Power Project consultant in future and for that I have to augment both my technical and managerial skills. A formal MBA from FMS will enable me to take a step towards my career goals. I believe FMS, with its highly experienced faculty, wide industry interface, flexible curriculum, and a vibrant alumni network will provide me with the right set of skills complementing my technical skills to fulfil my objectives.

5. No. of words in your SOP: 153

This is my first submission

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Picture taken from the XLRI website_ If it can be called a change, the biggest change in this years Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) paper will that it will be a do-able paper and the level of difficulty will see a dip.

the last statement is the winner...

Guest @guest_writer
_(Original photo credit: Rafael Kage)_ An often asked question is, "What is the difference between the average CAT student in Verbal Ability and a 99 percentiler in Verbal Ability?" (You will notice that

wow... this is like the best help or advice that one can offer.. thanks sir


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Answer to question 5) is (b) 3/32

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try this on...

There are three similar boxes, containing (i) 6 black & 4 white balls; (ii) 3 black & 7 white balls and (iii) 5 black & 5 white balls, respectively. if you choose one of the three boxes at random and from that particular box pick up a ball at random and find that to be black what is the probability that the ball was picked up from the second box

a) 3/14
b) 14/30
c) 7/30
d) 7/14

the answer is a) 3/14..
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Sporadic : reaccuring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances

Next word : rhapsodic

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