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Dear Sir,

Have met you b4, thru pagalguy, a yr r 2 back, i'm still on the race, had briefed you abt my bad(infact worst) profile, with a break of two yrs in UG-Engg (no valid reason, wasted time partying, which i repent now) & i do hav lot of attempts in clearing my papers(more than 100, infact), almost all are absents. Sir, you had told me to aim for a very high GMAT score and giv a shot at ISB.
Sir, now i am with one of the leading private banks of India, working in their treasury middle office as an asst.manager (at present work exp of jus 3-4 momths), among the financial services it does adds weightage. But, regarding my pursuit of MBA, to what extent it will be of use? (my prospects of MBA). How good the certification of FRM is(w.r.t ISB & international B-Schools)? Will this international certification make up my poor acads. Dear sir, i was on the CAT-07 fray and got all my good calls rejected attributing my worst profile. Please guide me regarding the best possible profile that could lead me into ISB.

Thanks & Regards
Thirumalai Kumar.N

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Sorry puys. wrong post

Respected Sir,

Thank you for being with us.Your clarification regarding the institutes firm stand in eligiblity criteria ("2 yrs of work experience-a pre requiste") was informative.Query of mine a pretty similar to those already answered, However a bit strange.What would be the institutes admission policy against a candidate of poor(infact worst) UG track record & break of 2 years during UG with no valid reasons.Is it possible to meet out ISB's eligiblity norms for shortlisting through a good GMAT Score & 2-3 yrs of work experience inspite of such pathetic UG performance.Plz enlighten me...

Thank You

Hey guys,

My name is Venky & I'm a BBA graduate from loyola college, chennai.. I've a total of 3.5 yrs of work ex and have been with JPMorgan for 2 years.. I'm currently working as a proposal writer for the Asset & Wealth Mgt. division in JPM. I'm considering making a career change into Mass comm/PR/Corp Comm/Branding & so on..

I'm currently looking out for jobs in these fields because I want to do the Post-graduate Programme Diploma in Management (Communications) in MICA next year.. I've asked around and i've got mixed opinions from people.. Would it make any sense to do the residential course for two years & then do an exec MBA from a good school in order to stregthen my chances of a good managerial position in the Comm sector? Or does the PGP program take care of that rendering a MBA unnecessary?

chap,regarding your clarifications about MICA & PGPCM...plz refer the following thread...
& a kind request,Moderators plz close this thread!
thank you,
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Hi Puys,

I just hope its not as bad as last year..go back to d previous post n u will find that ebiz results were finally declared on Dec 22nd!!! Lets hope the same story is not repeated this year..

All the best

sonalw Says
who tld u ths???????/kindly quote ur source.... cos this info is RIDICULUOSLY off the mark...

It's true,results wr declared by december last yr 4 e-biz(mumbai) & for all d courses in Bangalore campus.However,the reason being the delay in AICTE approval for e-biz & Bangalore campus.Which might not be the case this year.AICTE is yet to approve Bangalore campus (wil get approved b4 d commencement of this yr class-promised by welingkar ppl) which is not the case with e-biz(got d approval last year)...
check this link - -

thank you,
miss_panther Says
i couldnt find the placement description in the brochure as well i mean the companies etc which came for placements there

check out tis link for active contributions by students of 1st batch(pgpcme). (MICA PGPCME Calls out) & plz stick to tis thread upon any future discussions regardin MICAs-PGPCME(2008-2009).Though this thread belongs to 2007-2008.It would b better to continue there with respect to the huge amount of pro's & con's associated with this course & also d effective analyses carried out last year...
thank you,

Thank you vibha,imgointoiim.Me a person really mad of making it to MICA. However,my dreams shattered even b4 take rejected in MICAT & now this call is promising.But my visit across this thread,confused me.Seems a huge amount of speculation surmounted this course & d helplessness of ppl(abt d prospects of pgpcme). But now we have got u ppl to enlighten us... no need to post a list of doubt,bcoz the way u ppl analyzed this course right throught last year was so impressive & informative.So,plz publish ur mandatory disclosure regarding PGPCME based on your experiene of being a MICAn....
thank you!!!

hey ppl,

it s guud to see the interest building up about PGPCME. Let me try and answer your queries. PGPCME is a 15 month course in communication mangement with stress on entrepreneurship. The entrance process is as follows. Both CAT and MAT scores are accepted for the preliminary screening. (With 96 percentile, there is a good chance of Pankaj getting short listed till this part 8-)) The shortlisted students will have to take MICAT-E followed by the mandatory interviews. In case if the students have not taken either CAT or MAT, they will have an opportunity to take MICAT and then MICAT-E to be eligible for PGPCME. I'm running out of time for my presentation so this is all i can share right now. Will keep u updated abt placements and other infrastructure as soon as I can squeeze some time out. BESTS:cheerio:

chap watz d possibility of gettin shortlisted for MICA-e and the interviews...
is it based on our cat scores r the performance in MICAT,
wich course u belong to ....pgpcme - 2nd batch ?
how abt placements for tis course,
my cat scores read as below
qa - 73
lr - 71
VA - 99
OA - 92
i appeared for micat n got rejected,comment on my chances....
plz ,thank u,
sananda12 Says
can anybody tell me whether there is a separate website for the bangalore campus?

Welingkar Institute Of Management.
d link for bangalore campus,not d one in mumbai
hi puys,
i m biotech engg background.... i m little confused abt my flow frm biotech engg to mba.... can i say that i want to join a chemical company like TCL whose into biofuel.... bein frm bio background it ll help me to understand the cycle... ??:......

to is no gr8 need to substantiate ur interest of doin MBA based on ur academic subjects...of coz a purpose out of ur UG might help...but,go ahead quotin it only if true...r lse jst let them know abt ur passion for mba n d correspondin skills u possess!