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Here s the link if u wanna check it out urself.

CAT is tough not because of its content, but because of certain misconceptions in the students' mindset.

Here are some:

Myth 1: You must solve more than 150 questions in 120 minutes.

This is absolutely misleading.

Attempting 85 to 90 questions in 120 minutes is enough for a good IIM to call you.

Myth 2: You must score equally well in all sections.

Students have been carried away by this assumption for so long. This is not true.

The truth is, you need more than 70 marks with not more than 85 attempts across any number of sections.

If you score 40 out of 50 in Quantitative Aptitude and 35 out of 40 in Data Interpretation and do not attempt a single question in English, you stand a better chance than someone who scores 25 in Quantitative Aptitude with 35 attempts, 35 in Data Interpretation and wastes time struggling to get seven or eight marks in Verbal Ability.

Have your priorities clear.

Know what IIMs or top business schools are looking for.

Here are some pointers

1. Top B-schools are looking for potential business tycoons who

Know where to use their strengths
Know how to minimise their weaknesses
No one is perfect. And a true manager will never attempt to become one in the area of his weakness.

2. The most important criteria in CAT is getting a total respectable score -- over 70 -- with an over 85 percent to 90 percent accuracy level.

3. Selectors at top B-schools are products of the Indian education system. They know how prepared students are and their comfort level in various subjects.

The criteria to get called by a B-school

Use the following criteria to get a call from top B-schools:

1. Your total score must be more than 70.

2. You must have an 85 percent plus accuracy level. There is no need to attempt over 85 questions to score 70 plus marks.

3. Maximise scores in the sections in which you are strong. Spend more time on these sections.

4. Neglect the weaker sections if you are confident about maximising your scores in the areas in which you are strong.

5. If time permits, attempt the difficult sections. Ensure over 90 percent accuracy in the same. This means getting four out of four questions correct.

The last word

CAT does not expect every aspirant to be Einstein. But it definitely hopes to get another Bill Gates!

CAT plays with the mindset of a person.

It expects a student to handle situations (both expected and unexpected) with ease and perform under pressure.

Common sense is the most important thing you need to do well in CAT.

This should be your motto: I know my basic strengths and should be capable of enjoying the two hour CAT exam.

And CAT will be yours for the taking!

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one question guys...

what do they mean if msg says me

DATA DOES NOT MATCH WITH OUR RECORD :shock: :shock: :shock:

though i did not get ne call with score of 65 from ne other IIM, i can not understand how data differs in I list.

looking ahead to my engineering final sem now as this year has been pretty bad for me with CAT. i ll try getting my CAT next season


i m with score 65 and no calls guys...

still i m fresher and i may go for next yr if i dont get calls from I or K coz i didnt fill ne other forms.

my thinking was MBA from IIM or no MBA but its hard beliving what IIMs r doing..

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one more news guys...

one more fact abt admission system..

i got 65 and havent ne calls from ABCL yet waiting for one call from IIM

i know the reason though.. those r my comparatively bad acads

but still why do they conduct CAT then....?

lets c what happenes next.

so here s my score considering 0.25 negative for wrong answers

VA 30/5/25 - 23.75
QA 22/2/20 - 19.5
DI 28/5/23 - 21.75

so net score of 65 exact :shock: considering my previous score of 79.75 this was really a poor show..

actually was busy in report submission and studied just for 2 days but no excuses for that ..

now lets see

if i get a call then i ll say one line my seniors used for my results in engg exams --



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here r my attempts

VA 26
QA 27
DI 28

expecting good accuracy this time.

last time attempts were 90 and net score of 79.75 but this time i m not gonna reach there

still waiting for 111 set results from some site

ne1 getting it plz forward it to me....

baki to sab uparwaale pe hai...

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from a friend who got into IIM K last yr

but it has been gr8 from there on (since i joined in last feb i suppose)

abt sure - wont come in touch like this group in future.......

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i dont see ne good reason in conducting exams by government.

coz it will result in leak of paper every year for sure once it is in hands of governement :(

and ppl trying seriously will b standing afetr ppl getting papers so its BAD news for all generous ppl as there r only 1500 IIM seats

so ppl stand against it and what i suggest is IIM shud oppose this memorandumn with a court case against government.

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from this my logic says if next CAT is in FEB read everything of OCT and NOV 03 and get into I I M

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dont worry guys

worries to be reserved for next paper as it can bring hell out of everything but doesnt matter as it will b same for evryone so just enjoy

i 2 went to hiranandani complex (mumbai ppl knows) and did bowling,karting,games...... all of those.


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