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u forgot to mention.. 17 was kanishka himself

There could be many ways to tackle this problem

1) Promote car-pooling.
2) Promote walking.
3) Start pick and drop.
4) Decide the days on which each person can bring his car/ bike.

There could be many more ways. I'm just replying to subscibe to the thread!

the group that i belonged to was given this case last year. and just for a small correction, its not just engineers who shifted into this new building, its the entire office that moved there. apart from the suggestions that you have made, there were a few more like starting a shuttle service between the new office and the old one. also, the senior managers would most likely be coming in chauffeur driven sedans, so they could be dropped at the new office and the cars could be parked at the old one.

the gentleman who conducted our GD was Prof Vernekar who happens to be the Managerial Communication faculty here. so he conducted the GD in a way like he conducts our mock meetings over here. the person in the centre seat gets to be the chairperson and the one adjacent to him/her gets to be the secretary. the chairperson is expected to give direction to the meeting and the secretary is expected to summarize at the end.

its not that every GD is conducted this way, but if Prof. Vernekar happens to be in your panel, its most likely that you will have a similar process.

all the best.
sir i have heard that gim can sometimes give calls to people who havent even filled their application this true??
if yes can a person with 89.6% overall get lucky??

no sir, there is no such case of people getting calls without having to apply. besides, 90.1 was the cutoff last time.

priyajain Says
hey puys....i got 96.69%ile...99.8 in LR,91.2 in QA and just 56.8 in VA......can i expect a call frm GIM?? they look for sectionals?? in ..60 + in each section??

hii puys.......
my %les
eu 97.68
qd 97.33
lr 55.72:death:
oa 95.45[:grin:
sure to get gim call?????? hoping fervently that sectionals are not taken into
consideration & gim continues with its tradition of no sectionals:1eye:

good score puys, and , for the umpteenth time, GIM does not consider sectionals. atb.
My score

Verbal Ability=61.270
Quantitative Ability=79.600
Reasoning & Decision making ability=99.100
Total Percentile=92.640

any chances of CALL

a very decent chance dude, good score!
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Verbal Ability 81.52
Quantitative Ability 82.93
reasoning & Decision making ability 95.99
Total Percentile 93.61
wht are my chances??

very bright, congrats for the score!!


i've got 91.1%ile... any chances?

a decent chance i would say, congrats for the score!
My scores -

Verbal Ability - 89.84

Quantitative Ability - 61.91

Reasoning & Decision making ability - 97.69

Total - 94.180

Seniors pls start a seperate thread for gd-pi discussion.

congrats man! will start a thread on that soon.

my scores ---

VA -- 83.83
QA -- 74.77 :banghead:
DM -- 94.97

OA -- 91.900

FOR A GIM CALL ( calling seniors)

again, a very good chance, congrats!

Hello Seniors,

I'm getting an overall of 88.76 percentile with balanced sectionals. Is it possible to get a call?


Hey Seniors,

As Always this time also im left out with a marginal difference from the actual cutoff.:-x

Have scored 88.35 percentile in XAT.

I m a pasout of NIT , have 2 yrs of wrk ex.

Decent Acads> 80 all throughout.

Can i expect for a call....?

Pls help


its unlikely that the cut-off will be less than that of last year's. but hope for the best!
hello seniors...
i was expecting an eaasy call with a score of 24-25.5 under my belt.... but now my %ile is a mere 86+.. should i still be expecting it??

hi guys,
got only 82.xx%ile in XAT. Can i expect a call??
plz help me. i am desperate

the cut-off last year was 90.1%ile with no sectionals, but you can keep your fingers crossed till the calls are out.
hi seniors!!
results are out!!
i have 2 questions:

1. my score is
oa 91.5%ile
va 52%ile
quant 92%ile
lr 96%ile
wat are my chances? wil GIM increase increase its cutoff from last year's 90? i knw u wont knw dat but still i request ur opinion considering dere has been increase in applications as well..

2. wen wil the gd pi calls be out??

cut off mentioned above, expect the calls to be out by mid feb, but this is tentative, give or take one week.
Hi seniors at GIM,

VA - 98.30
Qa - 92.95
Reasoning and Decision Making - 54.25
Overall - 93.61

Will i get a call? What were the last years sectional cutoffs?

no sectional cut offs, i think you will get a call most probably. congrats, good score!!
hey i got 96.23% overall
verbal-98.52%-expectd score-14(accordng to cl)
quant-44.83%-expctd score-3
DI - 95.99%-expcted score-13.25
wil i get cal from gim
plz thr any min passng % for maths
or they take overall

its overall, congrats to you too, i think a very very likely chance for a call.
@ seniors ....

wen does the shortlist come out ....

also i have landed on the borderline .... just managed a 90.4 .... shud i even hope ... or is it all over

borderline.. true!! but a very nice score dude, hang on till mid-feb for the calls.
kinshuk.arya Says
can anybody tell me what was the cutoff percentile last year for freshers or as a whole???

the cutoff was same for everyone, regardless of work-ex.
Hi seniors,

I am an Architecture Major from Utkal Univ with a work exp of 2+ yrs in my domain...i wish to pursue MBA with HR elective from GIM......with a score of 29 and considering that i would get a call, wat tips can i have from seniors, apart from those mentioned above, to crack those two ultimate rounds of GD and PI...would i be grilled about my architecture too? i hope my major subject doesn't play a spoilsport for my selection...or will it :sad?

apart from nitiksh's suggestion, another good answer for the question regarding probable majors is to say that you are undecided and will be able to do so after a better understanding of management subjects over the course of the first year, unless you have an exquisite way to link HR with architecture. that's what i answered and got through! and believe me there are many guys in the first year here who are still not 100% sure about the major electives they're going to opt for.
there's no such correct or incorrect answer for a typical PI question but your answers need to be a little consistent.. and practical!!
there's a good chance that you'd be grilled about architecture, especially why MBA after architecture, let alone something as specific as why HR after architecture.
so go in to the interview room with an open mind.. dont clog it too much with pre-prepared answers. all the best!
I have applied for GIM (2009 batch)
Does anyone know the least marks in xat that was required for GIM last year?


all queries go here.
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bandari Says
can we send the receipt through speed post?

why not? trust 'em!!
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hi seniors
plz tell me what was d cut off last yr 4 GIM. do they consider sectional if yes wat were those?
seekin tips 4 prep
wat shud the strategy for 4th jan' 09, i feel comfortable in QA n DI
plz reply

hi amar,
last year's cut-off for GIM was 90 percentile with no sectional cut-offs. no weightage to the essay either.
what strategy is right for you depends on the colleges you are targeting. whether they consider sectional cut-offs or not. but at least try to maintain a decent %ile in verbal. you dont want to be cornered for a low score in that section in the PI stage, do you?
all the best.