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All was fine between one of my friend(Sandeep, deepu as he is known here) and our group(around 5 of us or so..) until he discovered this forum.........somehow...... and his attention to this comp. exam CAT kept scoring enormous growth numbers, and then we felt as if we were missing someone and came to know of his latest obsession(then).

He hardly speaks to us now( a reason all my friends hate PG for) , sticking his huge head(with shabby hair and fat lips) to the 17 inch samsung monitor he owns and even huger buttocks to a poor fiber chair... LOL and so we decided to hit into pagalguy forum juz to know wats soooo addictive here....... and so far i find it interseting!!

Hi all,

This is Venkat Krishna.N., i am doing my (5th sem) in gandhinagar.
neways readin' a lot is my habit, i dont write much though......
and blah..... blah..... blah

and of all the attributes to "ME"!!!!
i for ex:

I love arguing tht bush is GOD( though i hv little or noo knowledge of wat he is or wat he does) with my friends who are very firm about wat they say (bush suxx, for ex.)

and soooo plzz take my statements seriously and help me improve..... LOL

hope this forum has a impact on me (for the better :D)