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this is by far the most confusing thread on pg ever.

I have a different thing.I am a s/w engg. with a CMMiL5 s/w co. ,the client being JPMC.i have taken the NCFM derivatives dealers module exam.Also i wish to pursue a PGDM from the IIMs .But prior to that i would like to a distance learning finance course ( preferably related to capital markets/ionvestment banking) of 6mnths to 1 yr .The options i c r :

i knw i can pull dese off ( with a lot of hardwork ).What i'd like to knw is :
hw much time wud dese require,as i only have my weekends to study.Which of dese will leverage my career more.i want a course i cna finish before may 2007

P.S : these certifications also help me get a business analysts's role in my organisation

Plzz plzzz plzzz plzzz reply ASAP guys....
Thanks in advance,

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well for starters, i am a softie like d majority out here...not dat i m very proud of it .....
well i have been with one of the biggest ,if not the biggest,MNC in india for the last 6mnths .Its been a journey dat climaxed before it began and has been in an incessant regression cycle since.....a lot has been said and voiced against outsourcing harming american/western intrests.....but its had a mch bigger,bludgeoning impact on india....let me delve deeper into it:
* these so called global giants,dream recruiters recruit the best of talent from premier educational campuses through the most arduous,nerve wracking procedures which makes it seem to the unwitting victims like dey've bagged deir dreams.
*everything is going great,the pay,the ambience,the perks..everything....everything except what really matters,the work...........all dese MNC r no less than colonial rulers who made us slaves......the cream of talent is benched for months,turning them from aspiring intellectuals to has-beens..........and yes when they do get some work,it is so to speak,a insult to deir intelligence a.k.a maintainence work,support work...........thus talent which cud've fuelled innovation is reduced to run-of-the-mills bots who are so deprecated by now,dat dey cannot think beyond the obvious,do beyond the most-expected...
*My questions to the MNC-powered-IT industry is: if most of the work is run-of-the mill and can be done by any tom-****-&-harry ,y do dey recruit the best ...just because dey can afford to???

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hey shashank gr8 post, dat book's rockin!!

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well....yet 'nother draw won by india ...well thankx to sachin's 'n ganguly's "test" batting wen india were on top.......well y in da hell is m.s.dhoni outta da team wen he's in form...........well if u ask me the indian batsmen were 'xpecting a tame surrender frm da paki batsmen 'n took it easy ............ne wez dis is da way indian cricket has been played fr years.personal milestones 1st ......India is betta off wid mediocre players who put deir team 1st dan **stars** who r more bothered bout puttin a show fr deir fans

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tapmi may b biased towards engg. grads.....last batch had 85/135 engg.s...............

anyways wen r da results gonna b out ??march 1??or later........i had my gd/pi on14/15th

best of luck to all ppl who r yet to go thru da process

any people with tapmi gd/pi r welcome to join our group...

i need new people , to **torture** ....just kidding

the gd session v had was good...not awesome but a very gud start !! hope it gets better

people from bombay r invited!!! to join us provided u r ready to travel all the way to new bombay .....but seriously so many people frm new bombay..only1 frm bombay??.................c'mon guyz,comin to new bombay isnt all dat bad/tuff

newez b.o.l to all


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i have prepared all da topics given gandhi :shock: ................lolz just kidding ...............

on a more serious note:
has any1 done research as to what kinda topics does: 1)schmrd 2)tapmi
3)etc. give.............as in past gd topics frm dese insts.......

ciao ..

ikm :P

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voila....rite in da nick of time......i stay@nerul.....
cat percentile: 93 (needless to say i am taking cat 05 also:P )

tapmi call fr gd/pi on feb 14th......can v schedule our 1st meet before dat..
gauri can u mail me@ ikmrulz@yahoo.co.in

stay in touch peeps,

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My take is that this book is a bullshit. Don't invest your money or time on this.

I have written about this someplace and don't remember where exactly. But the moderators may like to paste the link over here.


exactly my point...........dis book is a piece of shit......refer time notes on speed maths..its da best.....twi is a lift--..of shakuntala devi,speed maths-time,etc. other books...........i cud'nt read it fr a hr. ...it was so lame 300 rs. down da gutter fr me....dunno bout u guyz
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okies here's hw it goes..........

dis is mah frend's viva who used to sit on da 1st bench 'n bobble his head lik a doll.......

questn: wots da phase difference betn 15 volts dc 'n 25 volts dc
ans: 10volts

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