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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Next weekend (June 1 :: , the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad will host a conference to discuss and finalize a common and transparent format for b-schools to report their placements with. IIM Ahmeda
Anuj Bhansali @iitbulls

it is a comprehensive list , and a well prepared document. It seems tht they have done a thorough work in preparing the report.

I am looking for a tech lead for a web development startup. looking for guys mainly with a 1-2 year experience in php.

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I am looking for a tech lead for a web development startup. looking for guys mainly with a 1-2 year experience in php.

Another Ranking
IIM-C the best bet for aspiring managers - Full News

According to the survey, the top B-Schools in India are IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Indore, Management Development Institute (Gurgaon), National Institute of Industrial Engineering (Mumbai), SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (Mumbai), Xavier Institute of Management (Bhubaneswar) and XLRI (Jamshedpur). These make up the Super League 1.

Some crap website with some magzine never herd of puts up new ranking and ppl go gung ho about i t...

I am not against NITIE been put in superleague but no basis of ranking can be made...
IIM L is in league 2. XLRI though i can accept but XIMB also in league 1 ...
Stop looking too much into rankings...

Still no acknowledgement card form NITIE, any other sufferers of govt apathy and postal service?

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I guess it is 50 bucks and if you cant get 50 thn 100 rs stamp paper.

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No NITIE meet @mumbai???

Haven't received any confirmation letter from NITIE yet for the fees deposit.Did call them up they said that my DD has been received( of course i delivered it myself). Just worried if i made some mistake in the DD( am prone to such things)
Also which hostels have balconies? is it 1 &2

IIT Bulls... You are a Bull man !!..
chilling is not the way for you :)

Anyways.. who is making personal attacks here... read my post... its to the point pointing only to his salary concern !!..
And once he moved into a spectrum of discussions, I just wanted him to be precise in his queries, as using 'beggar' and 'research' and stuff like that was leading no where..

Hope that makes sense... and let me assure you I listened to his bit, or else the post would not have come..
P.S: my listening skills suck, but I am working on it already !!

Hey dude the getting personal one was not in ur reference. and ya I am a bull , but this hot headedness has more often lead me into arguments and tension so learning to grunt only when extremely required :lookround::cheerio:

After reading the posts above this is becoming a childish fight between Bose DK and Varun. This is a forum to get your queries answered and some of the answers you get may not be to your liking . Accept it and move on.
@Bose Dk
Your query was valid and to the point from your perspective , every person is concerned about the salary because that is what matters in this materialistic world. The answer you got was holistic gyaan which you weren't inclined to hearing. and to put it more clearly i would chose the words of sonic viosn :

" I know the whole World sucks.. but what is the exact issue and concern?
domestic Salary avg jo hai woh hai... asli figure u will never know, how hard you may shout.."

What I see the problem is that you keep comparing it to other colleges , the thing is that everyone of us wants to be in IIM A as it is suppose to be the best and we do want to be comparable to the likes of these but as rightly said 'Beggars are not choosers' . (@ Varun: Nobody is referring to ppl been a beggar, it is just saying which means a person who has not much choice, learn to take things lightly).

This antagonistic feelings are not going to help anyone. The avg is what it is and nothing can change the this other than the hardwork the students like you and me are gonna put in to improve it over coming few years. Remember that these figures too have been rising from the past due to the efforts of placement cells which are run by students.

Their is no dearth of ppl willing to join any college in India be it the new IIM's or be it **** .Such is the game of demand and supply.

@ sonicvision and Vision IIM-ACL
Great efforts on your ends to explain things but it is also a good habit to listen to ppl , if he is only concerned about the salary component as he has mentioned , the answers could have been left to the point. The art to becoming a good manager is to also listen and not become a damager by forcing our own viewpoints down the others throat. you have a viewpoint and he has one, he came to have some clarification which can be given by you as a senior so that is all what it is to be.
nobody has to make it personal and attack each other.
just be at peace, he got the answers for what he is looking for .

Noone's life is going to stop because he could not join NITIE andniether is NITIE gonna stop because some body did not join it.
So chill!!!!