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Hi Puys,

I have quite a lot of material for CAT including following books:

Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Exams - Abhijit Guha - Tata Mcgraw hill
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitve Exams - Abhijit Guha - Tata Mcgraw hill
The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for CAT - Nishit K. Sinha
The Pearson Guide to Logical Reasoning & DI for CAT - Nishit K. Sinha
How to prepare for DI for the CAT - Arun Sharma


I have 2005 CAT material including mock tests, notes etc from CL, Time etc.

I am based in Bangalore and want to donate the whole material. Anybody in need of the material can PM me.


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For GMAT:-

GMAT Review - OG 11
Kaplan GMAT Premier
Kaplan GMAT 800
Princeton Review GMAT
Manhattan SC Guide

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I gave GMAT some time back and got a 700 with 51 in Q and 34 in V.

Key take aways from GMAT experience:

- In most of the cases, it is verbal that pulls the score down. I did Manhattan + OG 10 & 11. In practice tests i even got a 45-46. But still in the actual test i got 34. I think CR is quite manageable. It's SC & RC which together do the damage. I think OG & Manhattan helped to a certain level but then it's upto a person to grasp & apply in the real time.

- Quant had lot of tricky questions. It had some long and confusing word problems. But the key to solve those kind of problems was to remain fully concentrated and not miss anything in the problem statement. Whenever i found that i had time on hand and was ahead of time, i used to resolve the questions. I found 3 mistakes in resolving. And so much so that the original incorrect answer i had found was there as one of the options.

- I used a timing chart found on another website. Before starting the section i would make the table on the sheets given to us - After 10th question, x mins shud remain, after 20th, y mins and so on. I did this for bothe Quant & Verbal. It helped a lot. I think this was one of the best ways to track time.

- I delayed prep for AWA and really started 4-5 days before the actual test. I think this got me 5.0 in AWA. I feel i shud have started earlier. Shud have given myself a couple of weeks and improved upon to get a 6.0. Don't delay AWA till the last moment.

- One more reason why i got 5.0 in AWA. I was feeling good after writing the first essay and hence started the second essay (Issue) on an overconfident note. I didnt bother to stick to the strategy to brainstorm for a couple of minutes and then start writing. I straight away took a side and started writing. 5 minutes into the essay and it occurred to me that the other side offered more persuasive examples. I switched side in the middle of my essay. Though i completed everything in time but then i got 5.0

Special thanx to Psychodementia for all his help, guidance and support during and after my prep. Psychodementia , you rock !

For people not so confident in Verbal, i wud recommend this link, "Crack Verbal", Home . Though i didnt attend the bootcamp as such but i took guidance (not only verbal but all aspects of GMAT & MBA) from the mentor himself and the ideas have really helped me in tangible ways.

And thanx to all the forum members for sharing so much information and knowledge on this forum.

Happy to help for any queries.


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Hi Jainesh,

I wrote to Queens at "".

You can email them and explain your case, especially ur education and work experience (international) in english.


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GMAT     Ivey Mba

"...this yr were mild. Only abt half the class has job offers...."

I think one of the biggest differentiating factor of Ivey is their Career Services (Relationship Managers, Admission time Interview by Career Services ppl, Partner Programs with Alumni etc etc).

I know that placements and job hunting depend much more on personal factors (personality, ability etc etc) but having strong career services such as Ivey's do help.

Is it because of the global recession ? What can be the other possible reasons?

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Thanx Vijay for ur insights.

I liked what u wrote:
- If you think doing an MBA at this point in your career will give you more career growth opportunities then you should go for it and not try to quantify in terms of money.
- Remember that the post-MBA salaries are dependent on your prior experiences and not the fact that you have an MBA degree.

I will also keep in mind different teaching style of ivey's and queen's.

I will start my app now. Will get back in case of any questions.

Thanx once again.

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Hi Vijay,

Following your advice, I wrote to Queen's describing my case for exemption from TOEFL. Guess what, they responded back & gave the waiver in flat 20 minutes. Too good and too fast :-)

Now I can focus on my apps. I am planning to apply soon before the end of round 1.

Which city are you from? I am from Bangalore.

I have some questions though.

1. Considering the high cost (around 40 lakhs) of Queens MBA, do u think that ROI is commensurate with the investment (40 lakhs).

2. I just made a comparison. Ivey's MBA costs around 45 lakhs but their career services are something Ivey boast of to be the best. What about the career services of Queens? Do u think they are equally good and inspiring?

3. Can you provide some inspiring stories of good placements of Indian students after Queen's MBA ?

4. Put a word about scholarships from Queen's.

I would be solely dependent on loans for funding my MBA program. Hence anything in the form of scholarships etc would be helpful to me.

Please pour in your insights.



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GMAT     Ivey Mba

yeah. i just wrote to them about the same. let's c what's the reply. !

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GMAT     Ivey Mba

gr8... a savings of neat 3000 CND even before starting

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Moreover, is TOEFL required for Queens? I am B.Tech from NIT Jalandhar. Have 4+ years of work ex with good software companies in India.

Queens TOEFL requirement says:
Applicants whose native language is not English and whose undergraduate university studies were taken in a language other than English must achieve a satisfactory score on one of the accepted tests of facility in English (see chart below).

Applicants whose native language is not English but who have earned a university degree from an English-speaking institution will be exempt from this requirement only if they have worked in a country where English is an acknowledged primary language for a minimum of three consecutive years prior to the anticipated beginning of their MBA studies.

In my opinion, I don't have to give TOEFL, but just want to have an expert opinion of the people here.


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