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Hi guys..

Anyone writing CFA Level-1 From Bangaloree..

How about the materials and videos of CFA..

Do contact


Me a first yr MBA student at IISc Bangalore

  • Hi i am interested in CFA plz let me know @idodtrick. 25 Aug '13.
cat bond @joyjitpal 747
Hi i am interested in CFA
plz let me know @idodtrick

Siddharth DHodi
workex-12months Infosys

msj1 Says
Has ne one received Recepit for the Admission fees paid esp the ones who sent the Fees by draft...I had called them up to confirm that draft had reached..they had told that they won't be sending ne receipt as such....I only received the receipt for Hostel fees...Hope thats the case with everyone.....Batchmates(to be) please respond....

Only the receipt for hostel fees will be
recieved ..while no confirmation for
the admission fees submision will be recieved
in my case i checked them by calling them nd asking whether the
draft has been recieved
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I had got calls from these three, I chose not to appear for Madras, as I was certain that I shall get into anyone of K and R. So my personal choice is Kanpur. Though course content wise any IIT is as good as others, and looking at the placement figure doesn;t tell the whole story. But Kanpur and Roorkee had highest growth among the IITs last year. And we shall make sure that IIT K grows at the best rate for coming years also. :)
Avg Salary (2007) Growth Rate w.r.t. 2006
IIT B ...........9.71......... 24%
IIT KGP.........8.87......... 20%
IIT D .........8.56......... 18%
IIT M.........8.4 .........25%
IIT K.........8.03......... 33%
IIT R .........7.7 .........29%

hi dude nice work add IISc Bangalore too as it is also thru JMET..avg package 8.68
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hi guyss ...

why has this thread been under the influence of "SUBDUED Activity" SYndrome

Wake up IISc .... please start posting...

Ranking of B-schools ( through JMET)
It is better we cluster the B-schools as every person perspective at looking at a B-school is different.

Cluster 'A'
IIT Bombay (avg 9.71 lacs)

Cluster 'B'
IIT Delhi (avg 8.57)
IIT Kgp (avg 8.78 )
IISc Bangalore (avg 8.68 )

Cluster 'C'
IIT Madras (avg 8.0)
IIT Kanpur (avg 8.03)

IIT roorkee (avg 7.5)

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Hi Puys,

My profile
B.Tech(E&C;) KNIT Sultanpur_79%
10th ,12th UP Board, 72%,69%
Work Exp:36 months in a Telecom Company

This is my only convert of the season, So ll be joining mostly.

:grab: I'm WhAt i' M

me also from UPTU(HBTI kANPUR)
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