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HelL junta ...... all the very best for MANAC

new PG yay

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Did anyone get any mail (email or snail mail) from IIM L till now ? Its been6 days since the result and no official mails as of yet :-/

shows selected for me : : i hope these are the final results


See , these discussions right now help soothe our nerves ....... if tomorrow (or whenever the results are out) we get selected , the revelry will continue ....... if not ....... then tab toh dukhi hona hi hai

I think the person whom u r ref to is a girl:)
"It felt like getting rejected by a guy jiske sath you've been in love for the past 2 years "

If not, then the above person may plz clarify:)

above person ?? if you meant me then I used the right words its the guy who replied to my msg who assumed that I am a 'dude' :nono:
Sosaho1 Says
Do not worry u will get through ...:)

wishing you the same .......

IIM C reject ke baad utna hi dukh hua jitna mujhe apne breakup k baad hua tha :-/ :-/ it felt like getting rejected by a guy jiske sath you've been in love for the past 2 years ........ khair anyway ...... my L pi was worse ..... so lets see what happens there

P.S. : on the risk of coming across as a sadist , itne sare dukhi logo ke posts padh k thoda better feel ho rha hai


I am a chemical engineer fresher and had my iim l gd pi on 3rd april

GD: reason always exists but not often in a reasonable form

spoke a lot and made good points . Didnt do that well in the WAT though

PI : Panelist 1 (p1) nice and friendly

Panelist 2 (p2) laughed at all the answers I gave , basically i got a feeling that he didnt like me from the beginning

Me: sorry for the carelessness sir ( i forgot to carry my personal data form :baghead: and p2 said before the gd started that I am disqualified , p1 came to my rescue though and told me to get a printout from the admissions office)

P1: smiled P2: yeah it was very careless

questions :

p1-tell me something about yourself
p2-who is sahu ji maharaj
me- sir i dont know
p2- who is bhim rao ambedkar
me- sir he wrote the constitution of india
p2 started laughing
p1-so what is the zeroth law
p2-what is an insulator
me-it has very low coefficient of heat transfer and is used to prevent heat loss
p2 started laughing god knows why , I tried explaning but p2 just smiled and laughed
basically at anything I said , by the end i was so damn nervous that I couldnt even answer integral of e to the power x :|

anyway other questions were :
No of districts in UP

population of kanpur

5 rivers that flow through UP

explain diesel cycle

whats the main crop of UP

is it rabi or kharif

who wrote mahabharat

who wrote ramayan

who wrote ramcharit manas

what's the difference between ramcharit manas and ramayan

overall I'd say it was an okayish experience ...... i could answer 50% questions couldnt answer the other half ........ lets see what happens

verdict : awaited