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My name iteself clearly tells the story.
This is a place where pagal meets to form Pagalguy community to crack so called CAT:lookroun:

And a theory says a a mad never accespts that he is mad, so thought to change the theory and acepted about my madness and told to myself yeah i am mad, i am mad .....mad :-)....so here came IAmMad into picture :-)


An analysis of all WL guys:-

What i found was .... all the 74 candidates waitlisted are in order of there call day.

For example....

WL 1 - WL 20 ---> Day 1 ( 13th Mar)

WL 21 - WL 35 --- > Day 2 (14th Mar)

WL 36 - WL 61 ----> Day 3 (15th Mar)


WL 61 - End ------> Day 4 ( 16th Mar)

ANd also the Main list has also some statistics like this only ... Except few OBC`s whose Interview was held on 16th and were in top 50.

Excellent observation stigmatic.
I am WL 47 i nitie and found that 43, 44, 46 all waitlisted ae from my GD group only. So i was thinking that they must have been given almost same marks to everyone in GD and interview as our percentile were also same. But after your explanation it may be possible that my actual WL may be 1 or it may be last too:satisfie: .

Anyway this was a good one. 10/10 to you man:-)


In the initial released list I was WL39 in the general category.

I will not join NITIE even if it converts as I am IIMI WL30 and IITB converted.

Will take up one of those

Hope u all make into NITIE...

All the best

From the trend it looks like this time too WL will go beyond 100.
It seems that NITIE will come up with another list.
So may people may have a chance still to make it to Nitie, who are not in any of the list released by Nitie .

Shit! Can't access Orkut from office - so not much aware about the laptop discussion.

From what I have seen so far.. people are more interested towards Option 2 (Toshiba) Laptop.
But somehow I am just little skeptical about Toshiba, so was looking for other options. Found a good deal with Dell.

But I am unable to decide as having oncampus service is a huge benefit. Any advise people..?

Good. We need expert comments here man.........
we need ur advice abhinav:) .
I want to go for deal with SP just to avoid any technical support problem later during mumbai stay.

I heard That toshiba labtops get heated pretty soon.

Vishal Gupta aka IamMad
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Hi ,

Me Got thru.. surely a good news..

But how come we pay 35000 by this saturday and 2L by may 15th .. it is not that easy to arrange :(

One more query.. Is the pre-foundation course compulsory to all people ??
I dont think i can get release from my company so soon.. Please let me know if anyone has more info reg this..

Meet u guys in campus

Great man .
I think all 15 in IM too has been offered the admission.
Congrates to everyone.
Looking forward to meet everyone @SPJain.
Meanwhile which Laptop you guys are looking at?
For me i am sure to take it from SP. As i thnk option 2 looks better with finger print thing.
Please pour your choices here.

Vishal Gupta aka IamMad
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Hi All
at last wait is over
just got my confirmation letter for IM .
I was WL 5
@ Bhaskar and Cyberdude You people check your mail box.
It may be lieing there
Cheers:) .

Vishal Gupta aka IamMad

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May any one of you please PM me phone number of any senior from NITIE. It is really urgent.
Phone number of anyone will do

Thanks in advance

Vishal Gupta aka IamMad

Hi Vishal,

My waitlist no is 11. From ur conversation with the Prof it seems that SPjain has not increased seats in IM as they have done for other streams....they're only counting on ppl in the confirmed list who wont join!! :satisfie: Well, if this is true, then its not so encouraging for us waitlisters!!:wow:

Yeah cyberdude
Seats in IM have not been increased as increase in IM will be directly affecting MIT course, coz that course is also a type of extension of IM

Thanks for the info regarding WL 1 dude.

Now some good news as WL2 has got IIMI so he will not be joining too. That is 100% sure news:) . May all 15 of us in waiting list clear the final cut

Vishal Gupta aka IamMad
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Hi All,

May 6th has gone and no updates on IM waitlist. Does anybody have an idea regarding this.

I just called SPJain. Lady who picked the call told to check the results in evening and told that if not today evening then definitely tomorrow nornig.
Even i am waiting for IM WL clearance.
I am WL 5. what is your WL dude.
Dont know when the wait will over .

Anyway sabar ka fal mitha hota hai:) .

Vishal Gupta aka IAMMAD
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Quoting from Rediff

Leave us alone, B-schools tell AICTE
Says Rai(joint director, SPJIMR.): "We had applied to AICTE last year seeking permission to increase capacity for our management programme. But the clearance has come now when the exams are over, we will have to see how we can accommodate students now."
S P Jain, which wants to increase seats for its two-year management programme, has got permission to do so recently. It will now admit 180 students to the programme instead of 120 seats earlier.

Are these Extra 60 seats for MIT?

Hi Sid
These seats are not for MIT.
SPJain has increased the seats for finance, marketing and operations for their two years course. These seats have been allocated to these three specializations. Thats why 100% waitlist for those three courses have been cleared:) .

PS: No seats have been incresead for PGDM two year course for information management specialization.

Vishal Gupta