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Congrats all!

Name:Devendra Maydeo

Now comes the problem.....me studying in NMIMS MBA Core 1st year.....should i disclose this???
seniors, any ideas how to convince the interviewers.....???

In my opinion U should disclose it ... You always wanted the best ... and here you are ...
and get back to your mentor for more gyan on this issue .
In case you haven't registered ... do it asap at IIMC mentorship link
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Hi Puys
Called Up MDI Office
the guy there said
"Oe aap tension naa loo .. abhi kisi ko letter nahi bheja hai"

Ie they havent send letter to anyone and are waiing for some meeting in which they'll decide the installment and then they'll send the letter
and he also assured that they'll give ENOUGH time after that ..
So no tension relax and enjoyyyy


Hi Puys
Posting after a looong time

Got thru PGPM at MDI ..
gettin my money back frm IMT G (Fin)
and waiting for IIM to decide
Cat percentile 99.93

I even saw the MDI campus as i was in delhi these days .. nice place guys ... n i can safely resign frm company now
(frm where m posting btw :vamp:)

met the demi gods on 24th itself ... the interview was such that i felt wat to write ... but couldn't resist penning it down ...
so here it is
24th feb
Monarch Bangalore

GD: nahi hota .. sabko pata hai
Essay topic : Managing climate change ...
easy on ... and one of the panel member was giving us 20 min but the lady member of the panel corrected him ..
writing was ok i guess ..

now the great PI
ours was a panel with a lady ... and by the time 2nd interview was over .. the rest of us were completely scared of her ... it was a real bad stress interview ..
my number to the gulliton was very late ... and we all were prepared to face the storm
. ok so there were three members
A the guy who asked acads
G the guy who asked general n political stuff
L the lady ..
M: yours truely ..
L called me in ..
i went behind her to the chamber

M : good afternoon sirs . mam
G:ok.. Mr deepak ..
M: sir .. m not deepak :neutral: ( ab bolenge ki mistake se tere ko call letter gaya to mai nahi jaane wala .. interview to lena hoga aapko)
A : no no he his yours truely ..
G: o ok .. gound my profile sheet .. ok ok
G: so where are u from
M: jharkhand
G: when was it formed
M: 15 nov 2000
G: good good .. very exact
M ::) (m wondering .. how come no one is doin ne stress part .. its all so cool)
G: cm
M: bla bla
G: wait .. not of jharkhand .. bihar
M: bla bla
G: major politiciand of jharkhand at formation
M: told
G: where is sibu soren now
M: told . donno .. but all detials abt him .. was cm for 13 days
G: Y
M: told .. and he ws in some murdur case also ..
G: good
G: other states formed with it
M: told
G: capital of uttrakhand
M: blank
G: capital of chattisgarg
M: indore ...:wow:
G: is it ..
L: he dosen't know .. u got call frm there ?
M: ya ...
L: n u still dont know
M: its in mp .. i got confused
A: where else is a new IIM
M: shillong
A: applied?
M: ya ... bla bla
A: where is new iit
M: .. none guess
L : he dosen't know .. y will he care abt iit ..
M: (now i am understanding wat is stress interview .. n they are all laughing now)
G: at least you know abt jharkhand .. wats its capital
M: told
G: karnataka
M: told
M: told .. (ab aur mat poocho capital ke baare me please ... )
G: sure ..
M: pucca ... kasam se
G: IIM kaha hai waha
M: IIM K ...
G: ok
L : now .. u got to tell me abt chattisgarh ... it starts with r as well (i said abt ranchi jhar)
M: .. raipur
L: thats good

G: who is meneka gandhi
M: mp// more known for animal right activist
G: animal rights .. ya ya .. good

L: work related
M: bla bla
L: learning from wrk ex
M: told ..
L: only good things .. nothing bad
M: nope
L : grilled on wrk ek
M: convinced em (at least i feel)
L: 2 good goods .. (that when i felt .. they are ok with it)
A: cheking my marksheets
L : m done .. he is too optimist . wat to ask then
A: said abt stayin in company if its so good ..
M: i started with y mba and y iim
L cuts me short .. ya ya we know this
M : :)
A: you got good marks in graph theory
M: (hat sala . maine dekha hi nahi .. nahi padha )
A: ok wats graph theory
M: (sala aacha marks kaise aaya ) .. cant remember nething. blabber . travelling salsman problem
A: its in graph theory
M: no its in algo
A: wats graph
M: collection of points
A: points ????
M: :neutral:
M: b/w i got highest in civil
A: y not civil engg then
M: marks not everythin .. its the interest
A: wats ur fav sub
M: os ..ds
A: diff b/w windows n linux
M: user based diff .. then open free bla bla ..
A: thats all user based .. wats in tech
M: mostly same .. monolithic n microkernl talk .. but both now mono.. and L was shaking her head positively
A: ok .. but he is not convinced at all
A: m done
L to G : you wanna ask some more
G: nope .. m done
L: ok ..take a chocolate and go
M: cadbury eclairs (abhi bhi rakhi hai :))

thats all
so ab pata nahi
this is it ...


It will be good if you can mail your complains and issues on our impact id as due to anonymity of users it becomes difficult for us to identify and track each aspirant individually over here... Do let us know if we should go ahead and reschedule your date (do this on our email id)... Also, please understand that the process of rescheduling is such that we have to find out 2 candidates who will be replacing each other. At the same time we have to ensure that there's no extra load on the professors on any particular day as that might only hamper chances of some of the aspirants.
All these considerations need some time...

Hi iamleonidas,

All the requests for rescheduling will be entertained provided it is supported by a proof of other GD-PI call. You can very well take this as a confirmation... :)


gr8 .. then how can i send the proof .. wat i have is a link on the net .. no hard copy

only thing is .. same name . same cat reg no .. that enough as a proof right ???
the link is
and my name is on page number 7
wat other proof can i give ..
So can the change be confirmed now ????

Hi All
I mailed to NITIE .. admission@nitie and impact@nitie
for the change of interview dates but its a week now and no confirmation or fwd mail or nething from them ..
I called the office and its the number of hostel :wow:
wats with the nitie website man ...

So i request all nitie seniors here
please help me out
my old date is 11march and its clashing with mdi which is in bangalore
So i requeted for change to 12th march ....
Can this be done ..


Hi All
I mailed to NITIE .. admission@nitie and impact@nitie
for the change of interview dates but its a week now and no confirmation or fwd mail or nething from them ..
I called the office and its the number of hostel :wow:
wats with the nitie website man ...

So i request all nitie seniors here
please help me out
my old date is 11march and its clashing with mdi which is in bangalore
So i requeted for change to 12th march ....
Can this be done ..


Hi Seniors
Urgent Help needed

I have MDI interview on 11th in bangalore
and NITIE on 11th in mumbai ....

Can u please tell me the procedure for geting a new slot ...
Can it be shifted to 12th Mar and how ??


Hi Puys
Had a harakiri at iim I indore interview yesterday ( so finally writing it today ??:)

iim B morning 8 50

GD : case study abt a guy who is facing trouble in the company abt new apprisal system

a very simple topic .. 7 ppl 14 min .. all were giving others AMPLE time to talk .. entered second ... gave some points .. kinda concluded few thing as the group was losing steam ... so kinda fairly good gd

Now the killer PI
2 people in panel (say A B ).. both .. non smiling guys
and me the murdered ,the victim..
i was 3rd to enter the den
the trauma lasted for the 20-25 min
A called me in ...
Moi: good morning sir ...
B: take ur seat .. give me the file
A: hmmm u work in !@#!@$ .. tell me abt ur work
M:bla bla bla ...
A: okkk .. but what is ur responsiblity
M: i told it already .. he didnt undersand ... i tried again in vain .. his face didn't give ne impression of remote acknowledgement of understanding
A: some more on wrk ...
M: i tried my best .. but alas .. not my day
A: ok . ur fav sub
M: os
A: ne other
M: programming c c++
A: ne other ..
M: (seedha ques pooch na jaha se man hai ... poora subject batau kya ) .. mm Datastrcture
A: wat did u read in it
M: bla bla bla
A: ok.. sorting searchin
M: (ab mai mara .. )bulbe sort ..
A: ne other
M: merg sort, quick sort
A: ne other ..
M: (le lo meri .. isse jada koi nahi padhta ) heap sort (kyo bola maine .. )
A: (aab bata bachhu) explain
M: (koi hai .. gate kholo .. mere ko jana hai ) made face for a few sec .. forgot sir:(
A: ok explain with bubble sort
M: isme kya hai .. ..
A: efficiency ..
M: mai hu naa ...best worst .. avg
A: how's avg calculated
M: nahi pata ... best worst explained again with linear searchc example .. told dpending upon that its calculated .. donno how
A: search ...
M: latest library search founded in 2004.. explained
A: explain 3g
M: explained .. started with 0g 1g .. till 4 g ..
A: blank face ...
M: i tried again .. example gsm .. cdma20001x
A: blank .. explain the difference
M: tdma,fdma , cdma ... band utilization
A: blank face .... difference ???
M:(abhi kya bataya maine .. tom n jerry?? ) try again .. with example .. for cdma .. ARPU etc etc
A: not convinced . ... (i tried again still ) ok wats bluetooth
M: (was confused abt its wroking tech ) explained in vague ...
A looked convince (ye ulta reaction case hai kya aa??:)
B comes to scence (till then he was just staring at me
B: hmm blue tooth .. can i talk using blue tooth
M: explained in details .. how y .. y not .. limitation .. he looked convinced..
B: karnataka president rule difference on personal level
M: nothin personal .. but ruled by pres .. gov ..thakur .. bla bla
B: details abt president rule .. who controls the ministry .. role of vice president
M: lotsa dont knows .. n few guesses ..
B: back to blue tooth .. wat if 2 ppl want to talk with only blue tooth
M: Y .. small range .. no point in talking on phone
B: if a wall in between
M: (kanjus ,.. phone kar lo na yaar ) app can be developed .. no commercial use ..
B: ok ... take the admint card .. bye bye

all the time i felt like they didnt understand nething and just not convinced ...
no I for me perhaps ... ??:
praying for the biggie ... A sooon

my time to do a smallish contribution
so here's my interview of IIM L

10 am

GD Topic
Helping hands are better than praying lips
500 words essay
.. bla bla bla .
then the panelist said abt writing it on a rough sheet .. as this will be your GD topic as well
i din have a paper .. got it from the guy next to me

then the moment the essay ended .. bang ..start your GD
no time to think and recollect .. and a guy started ..
i was second (or third) to enter ..
GD was nice . .full of examples ... a person tried to guide the discussion but alas ..
rest all was fine ... everyone had his/her time to speak ..
no conclusion though .. the only girl in our panel was speaking but was interupted in b/w saying time up .. thanks.. wait out for interview

panel is same as the one in GD
two proffs . P1 (young n smiling guy ) P2 (lil ol ..but .. smiling guy ) both very friendly and cool
n me the chief guest of the session :bday:

knock knock ..
M: may i come in (they were talking abt ..personality .. content .. may b of the guy who just left )
P1 : ya please .. take ur seat
P1 : your certis please .. hmm mr jain .. speak something ab jainism for 1min
Me : bla bla bla
P1 : some question related to this . jain food .. y wat etc etc
ME : bla bla bla
more bla bla
P1: ok now speak abt yourself
stopped ..
P1 looking at my face ..
so i started again .. bla blabla
stopped ... then i asked .. do u want something specific

then P2: (the saviour ) started abt my work ..
P2: (not a saviour any more ) .. this that .. streaming .. y how where
how to increase efficiency ...
P1: enjoyin the scene .. or his face is just a nice smiling one.. ..
P2: wat is mocai (or something similar... i got to lookup now )
ME : dont know
P2: ok .. explain abt streaming
ME : did ..
P2: some more from that ..
ME : i came up with CDN .. that made him happy i guess ..
P2: right right .. example ???
ME : donno ...
P2: i gave that example just now
Me : (fir se de dijye plzzzzz)
P2: mocai ..
P1: jharkhand .. okie when was it formed ..y was it formed .. who's the cm
P1: who did he replace
ME: mainu nai pata
P1: comon . some munda ..
ME: ..
P1: who's the MLA from ranchi
ME : constipated face .. i knew it .. but forgot
P1: do u vote
ME: no
P1 : Y
ME: bla bla
P1: good .. u r honest

P1: ok .. thats all ..here's your certis

m goin out then suddenly
P1: hey .. how many callls u have ???
ME : the rest 5

okie .. good luck .. all the best
send the next guy

comments ... feedback .. guys .. pour in