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Hi... just crashed at brother's home at Mumbai... have a 2 mbps download speed connection for 15 days... Wish to download some tv series for later viewing... Suggest some good series. Have already watched the following ones: 1\. Sherlock 2\. Homeland 3\. Dexter 4\. Prison Break 5\. How I Met...
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1) Modern Family
2) Suits
3) Arrested Development
4) House MD
AB De @iamheretostay
IIFT doesnt add the variable pay in their average salaries. Believe me , if they do like most of other Top colleges, then the avg package will be much higher. If variable had been added then the highest package wouldnt have been 22 lacs, it would have been much higher and that too for many students. IIFT's placement report is as transparent as possible.
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puys,is there any difference in the average packages between the delhi and kolkata campus?
The average package is calculated combined for both Delhi and Kolkata guys. There is no seperate placement report.
You have a good score and a decent performance in your GDPI can see u through. Just keep working hard and stay focused, U will sail through.
You have a good score and a decent performance in your GDPI can see u through. Just keep working hard and stay focused, U will sail through.
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@spciq Yes, u are exactly right. Hope u are preparing well for the Process. Best of Luck.
@spciq MBA in IB means that you would be studying subjects like International Marketing , international Finance, International trade Operations etc where u get an international perspective in various areas of study. Its just like any other normal MBA but with an added advantage of IB. We have specializations in Marketing and Finance like any other Top B School. And we are also the only college in India to provide Specialization in Trade. So if you want to pursue Finance, u can very well do here and become an investment banker too. Hope it clears your doubt.
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@anupam714 For that they have to exhaust all the 950 something calls for 200 odd seats....it has never happened before....not sure if its going to happen this time...!!
@anupam714 sorry dude....IIFT doesnt comes out with another list.
Got a mail from Gaurav Gulati......asking me if i want to get a transfer to IIFT DELHI.......was WL-18 for delhi campus......Anyone else got d same mail??

Dear Candidate,

In response to IIFT's admission offer for two-year MBA (IB) 2012-14 programme at its Kolkata Campus, you have already deposited the first installment of fee. Since there are few seats available at IIFT's Delhi Campus, it is proposed to transfer the students from Kolkata Campus to Delhi campus according to merit. Your name also falls under this category of students.

You are requested to please send your option through email latest by 18th June 2012 whether you would like to continue at Kolkata Campus or would like to join Delhi Campus.

With best wishes,

Gaurav Gulati
Sr. Administrative Officer(Academics)
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
B-21, Qutab Institutional Area
New Delhi - 110016
Ph: 011-26857908, 26965124