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_(*PIMP = Prominent Institute of Management, Patiala)_ And we are sure there are times you've felt you could just break out of the whole narrating-answers-which-have-been-learnt-by-rote rut. Coaching classes and in
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well done Anna best part when the guy stood up for the engineering answer and the pagalguy status too,.... best MBA post ever.....

Date: May 06, 2010

Dear Ambar,

Appropriate number of candidates have already accepted offer of admission to PRM 2010-12. So far only one candidate has withdrawn from the programme. Candidates are allowed to withdraw till May 28, 2010. In case of withdrawal, your chance of getting admission is high, as your wait-list number is 18.

You will be informed about your selection to PRM 2010-12 at IRMA as and when it will be available after May 28, 2010. We will inform you your result by phone and e-mail.

With best wishes,

Janak R. Brahmbhatt
Deputy Manager (PFA)
Institute of Rural Management Anand

m sry bro
but hope fr d best

@shantanu what s ur principle boss n why

me : Mohit Yadav
Btech : CSE
college:JIIT, Noida
specialisation:dont kno will decide..
other info: playin computer games, swimming

" Accepted by an IIT in the 3rd attempt "

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Hi friends

For all those who will join IRMA PRM 31 or plan to do so

Join ORKUT GROUP IRMA PRM 31 and get to know each other much better before the D Day we enter the institute.

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We at MBA! decided it was enough making fun of MBA and II... I mean, MIIs for now. After all, 'tis the season to participate in Group Discussions and Personal Interviews (GDPI), isn't it? So from this week on (and until

u r very right
m wd 58.88 waitlisted still unsure

thnx sir fr waitlist info

thanks admin for responding to Quick bytes query regarding IRMA
u kept its respect