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Hey how is the confirmation letter sent ?by courier/ speed post??
I haven't recieved it yet and I will be leaving for bbsr tomorrow. Will the copy of email confirmation work for loan purpose? Any idea ??

the letter takes some time to come.they send it by courier only... u can call them n ask when was it my case since i was workin in bssr, i personally collected it from d admsn office..
the email should work for d loan otherwise once u reach here reach here u can ask for a duplicate one from d office..
vishalgoel9187 Says
and guys ...when the classes wil commence ..??????...

classes from 21st june
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congraats.. aashish and neha.. :)
the wait is over.. now party time..
rahul bhai ab app bhi jadi good news sunaao..
hope all get in soon


congrats to shubham,rishi,rupali ,ashish...
the w/l movemnt is going grt guns..
neha ,rahul n others u all shud be in soon ..
all d best


hey guys,

ximb website has been updated today with the latest movements..
hope there is similar movement next week...
i finally put in my papers yesterday..
will not be getting vacation which i wanted b4 joining..:-(
anyways itz fine.. :)
all the best frnds..


@seniors /friends ..
does anyone have the academic calender for PGDM-2010 or i guess will have to wait till 17th june to know..

Congratulations Husain, the wait finally paid off ! All the best to the others, eventful week so far, really a matter of time before the long delayed movements start happenin...

A request to everyone to update the details of conversion/movement on the tracker sheet.

Also, there are a lot of converts on the tracker sheet with "Maybe Joining" as the decision status... please do change the same in case you have decided upon it, m sure many would definitely have a clearer picture now...

nehawl2 Says
Must say JP is one of those few ppl who still is glued to the thread althou hes not a WL here...he has also been constantly telling other convertees to help us in better tracking the WL sheet...Cant go without xpressing our sincere THANKS to JP for his constant support n endeavors...:clap:n he deserves a CCD treat too, from mee too in case i get in

Thank you so much JP...
yes JP... you really deserve our sincere thanks for constant support,help and advice to others on this thread right throughout...
you really deserve a treat from all of us here...
ahha.. nice to hear that husain . ppl are withdrawing fast now ..

@all : pls mention on the thread as and when u get a convert ..this will settle our nerves

18 more to go now .

cheers !

ya.. the w/l for non-dom shud move by at least 10 now on website.. next in the w/l on pg is shubham shrivastava.. he is i guess 13 w/l on website now..was 3 behind me..
all d best shubham.. do let us know here on pg when u get confirmed and keep checkin ur mail :)
all the best to my friens here on pg ..rahul,neha,rupali,vishal,sudheer..
hope u all convert soon in the next few days and the wait comes to an end soon..
sorry if i hav missed any of u..
all d best once again and c u all at ximb on 17th...

HI Guys,
I have finally converted XIMB call!!! Hurray!!
Just received the mail...last when I had called I was waitlisted 3 by the admissions office on Friday..

thanks u seniors and frenz for ur support..
all the very best to the w/l and hope u'l convert soon..
see u all @ ximb

kd will return Says
I am sorry if i am spamming but can anyone tell what is the withdrawal process. I will not be joining XIMB as i have converted NITIE.

congrats on ur NITIE convert.. :)
you just need to call them and also send an email to XIMB admission office stating that you wish to withdraw..btw are u domicile or non domicile...
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