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diagonal of cube = l + 2.(length of diagonal outside the cylinder on each side)

= l + 2.r/sqrt(2) ---> this can derived based on angle between the diagnal and side = cos-1(1/sqrt(3))

hence diagonal of cube = (3+2)sqrt(3) = 5sqrt(3)

Hence side = 5

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hi guys..
i went again to the admissions office to enquire for waitlist movt for a friend who's waitlisted at 55..
unfortunately, i'v nothing new to offer.. just got to repeat wht hurricane said in above post..

really irks me, iim-a's attitude.. there cannot be anything wrong in revealing how many out of 45 new admits have not accepted theoffer.. except perhaps their rep is at stake if the weaitlist moves now and then.. abt the reputation and the waitlist movt they should hav thought when hiking the fees 3 fold in one move..

however, all the best to numbers 46 onwards.. hope to see ya'll at wimwi..

Thanxs a lot Rohan.

Really appreciate your help.

Strange is the egos of great men, stranger is the egos of MBA colleges.


Hey Everyone,

Called up A.

The lady there said, there is no further movement (which i can assume she is tight lipped and doesn't want to discolse any information)

On furtther insisting she said that you will be informed on 23rd June.

I dont understand why they are saying 23rd June for next waitlist movement. Why don't they tell the truth that they will let us know as and when the waitlist clears.

What is the need to maintain so much secrecy at this point. Its is just a matter of a dozen students. It would have been so much nicer if they treated us with more warmth and told us the real situation.



Has any one heard about the second waitlist movement....

Waitlist 46, I hope you clear pretty sure you will..




Are there any Waitlisters who got converted not taking up their offer.

Kindly let us know if any people in those who got cleared or those still in the waitlist won't take up the offer at A.



I am the new Waitlist 15. (Previously 60)

Do I even have a remote chance of converting even if its on the day of the registration.

Would there be any obc seats tranferred to General.


I thank all for the ideas expressed...
@ hurricane: I don't want to express doubt upon the intentions of IIMs, but the only thing that prompts me to start this thread is that, if I compare CAT vis-a-vis GMAT,
1. Ask a sample of 100 odd people to write GMAT and CAT three times and I am sure that the results of GMAT would be much more consistent than those of CAT.
If you actually want to test the aptitude and the pressure handling capability, then why is there a chance or luck factor involved?
IIMs are by far the most respected B-schools in India and they should aim to select the best of the students... I have also worked part time as a faculty member with TIME and feel pained to see that quiet a good number of deserving candidates, who have proved themselves against the challenges of a good number of mocks, fail to make their mark coz of the whims of the day...
To quote a personal experience of my own, in CAT 2007, when the invigilator came to me for the attendance signature, she found that the form number and qtn. paper no. were not as per the seating plan... she found that she had mistakenly swapped the papers between me and the guy sitting behind me.. Puzzled, she left us wondering for 10 mins and consulted IIM contact person for the solution... and asked both of us to swap our seats as well... All this was 20 mins into the CAT paper.... I was really upset with this mismanagement and goof-up ...
I won't like to take this as an excuse ... but how is CAT measuring the best aptitude?

Hi Dhruv,

CAT is not measuring the best aptitude.

First of all we must remember that the IIMs and all top MBa colleges in India are spoilt for choice. They will always get more than they need.

And with the sudden rise in CAT applicants 1.4 lakhs in 2004 to 2.3 lakhs this year, do you think iims have much of choice than to put a test which is as arbid as the CAT.

True CAT is not a standardized exam. Infact if i take it again, i may not even get a single call.

But truly speaking IIMs are not bothered about that. Infact they can't afford to bother so much. If they start bothering about who is deserving and who is not, they would never get required number.

In a country which can put up new reservations after 60 years, don't you think its futile to blame the IIM profs.

Rather than finding the purpose of CAT, why don't you yourself give a more better way of selecting a few 1600 from 2.5 lakhs aspirants.

Don't tell me GMAT. Half the people won't be able to take the test for lack of infrasttructure and facilties.

Dude, these things have been thought over and over again by people who are far more learned and intelligent than we are.

And i feel bad to say that this is the most effective way if not the most best way
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On the basis of my CAT experience, I would present a hypothesis:
If IIMs conduct CAT on 3 Sundays, (either consecutive or non-consecutive), just like any mock CAT, keeping the overall perceived difficulty level of paper uniform, the results will throw some interesting information....!
If we compare the number of students who qualify for GD-PI call in each of these attempts in a grouped manner... we can surely see a lot of deviation...

Please do post your valuable opinions, fellow puys..


I think its pretty dumb to discuss soemthing like this.

Take it as a selection (or rather rejection procedure) procedure to fill the IIM seats.

If you try to read too much into what its testing, its testing aptitude (with a bit of luck involved).

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I am the new Waitlist 15 (previously 60).

What I wanted to know was whether this huge waitlist movement ini A was because of IIMA not finding enough people in OBC category and inturn giving away those seats to general or was it genuine movement where people have chosen other schools over A.

If this list included the OBC seats then I can say good bye to A. But if the OBC seats have not been included then i feel i still have a chance...