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Hi All,
Just called up FORE to confirm the registration date n all. They said it's 19th June(not 13th) and the classes wud commence from 20th June.

When I asked that 20th June is friday and it's a common norm that classes start from monday, then why is this exception here!?
Answer was: The letter with all the details will be sent to you all shortly!
So, guys, I think it's 19th/20th and definitely not 13th.


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Hey puys...
I have been selected for the PGDM program.
I was in the waiting list in the general cat.
I received the letter today.
Have to deposit the fees by 6th.
I would appreciate if someone guides me through the whole process of depositing the fees.

Congrats buddy!!
C ya soon at FORE.

Did anyone receive any official communication/letter from FORE regarding the details of joining???

But I was still wondering...

At least, we can interact online and know each other better!:grin:

Waiting for some responses...

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heyee its so nice to see so many of you are thr on pagalguy:boat:
no i also dont think it would be feasible to have a meet
we all will have one infact many mees when we come onboard at FORE

Jo Junta-Janardan chahegi... wohi hoga!

It's a Democracy after all!! :cheerio:
there r various Bschools which organise student's meet before the session starts so that students get to know there future batchmates and feel comfortable............
i think batchmates of fore 2008 should also organise something on the same lines.......

As far as I know, no B-school arranges for such a meet. There are cases where some sort of official meet(e.g alumni meet et al) is going on in a city, then the seniors invite the future students as well.
If something of a similar kind is going to happen, Seniors can apprise us.
If not, we have to take an initiative!

I am for it, alwayz! But there doesn't seem much response from others!!

Guyz... chip-in ur opinions on a meet, please!

Hi to one n all who's going to be a part of FORE 2008-10 batch!

Was just wondering why this thread is one of the most inactive ones at PG!!??

We should all use this forum to have a better idea about FORE,the life there, future batch mates, seniors et al.
Once we gain some momentum, we can also plan for a fellow-meet in some cities where it is possible.
Common guys n gals... its high time to get into networking! We are not just going for classroom gyan, is it!!??

Hope to get some enthused response here!

For starters, we can share our profiles and get to know each other a bit.

Here goes mine:
Name: Hemant Sonik
CAT: 98.27%ile
Xth: 90.1%
XIIth: 67.6%
Graduation: B.E.( 66%)
Work-ex: 2.5 yrs (IT industry)
Current Residence: Hyderabad
Stream of choice(as of now): Marketing
Aiming to get into (Industry): Consulting
Converts: FORE, NIRMA
Rejects: SIIB, GIM
Waitlists: MDI, IMT

avinav2712 Says
Well this groan was only because it added to the spams, nothing else..... Don't think it was required.... And it's not about attitude, it's about keeping the useful posts to the maximum

Dude.. I don't think anything like wishing ATB is a spam!
And if it is... then only 30% of this whole thread makes real sense!!

I understand that we all are anxious and any mail we get in our inboxes (thread subscription), trigger our chemicals to think "Oh, is the list released!?"

But I think the guy just wanted to bring some peace by wishing one and all.

Anywayz, it's one's own call how to take a post(+vely or -vely)!

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Expecting the same from IMT...they shud clarify things now...also i feel list will come out tomo...so far IMT has been pretty good in this regard...hopefully tomo they ll give ranks or waiting no to ppl they still keep in d hunt...
ATB puys...hope tomo will b good....

I wish they do all this!

ATB to all and... me too! :grin:
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Saw an ad today in TOI's "Times Ascent" for the DIRECTOR's post at MDI. As per the website Prof. C.V. Baxi isthe acting director as of now.
@Seniors - Is Dr. Pritam Singh still involved with MDI? If yes, does he still take classes?

Yeah, saw it yesterday in ET as well. Here's the link to the e-paper:

It means MDI is all set to get a new Director!

plz shed sm light on this.