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@maverick.007 ...I guess Shweta can help on this...

Do the documents need to reach before 15th Nov to Purdue?? I had thought that the hard copies can reach later, only the online submission has to happen before the deadline . Correct me if I am wrong.

Saw this on the website:
Application Deadlines: Applications and all supporting documentation must be received on or before the deadlines listed on the Krannert School of Management Web page.

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@prasun-bhansali I will try to clear ur doubts..
2) Regarding loan amount, IIMU was going to put up something on the website till 1st Nov...yep, as u said, its a huge amount, we have to put in the effort from our end till there is any response from the IIM.
3) I guess the accommodation thing u can get cleared through the FAQs page on the website..
1. I am married. Can my spouse reside on-campus with me?
Presently, IIM Udaipur does not have family accommodation, however, at Purdue University, it might be considered on a case to case basis. The student might be required to bear additional charges in case it is allowed.

One more thing I would like to note is, u can shoot ur questions directly to the admissions team...I have never seen a more co-operative admissions helpline!!
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Registered for PTE...10th Nov, 09.00 AM...anyone who has scheduled the same slot??


ha ha...muhoorat achha hai

@rahuldsz nope....not yet...

Just gave my interview...Was a chilled out discussion, got stuck on a few answers but on the whole, was ok...lets hope for the best...
Questions were mostly based on experience and how that can be mapped to the program..

Asked about the validity of the PGPX degree of IIMU, he said that it will be considered as a Executive MBA by the industry...

@nickyswetha same hope here thanks...
Hi Shweta,
I have got a few last minute clarifications. I have had to resort to this option since the telephone calls are not being answered at the number given in the brochure!
1.If I wish to pay by cheque, can I please know the details about whom the cheque has to be addressed?
2.Is it, by an chance, mandatory to submit a handwritten application form?
I would be very glad if you can help me out with this.
@rahuldsz Hi Rahul, all the best for the admission process. Even I will be applying to the program in afew days...would it be ok for u to hav a chat regarding the application??
  • Hey thanks a lot Pradeep.......... hope you too fill.... 20 Oct '12.
Rahul Dsouza @rahuldsz 127
Hey thanks a lot Pradeep..........

hope you too fill up the application soon and send it across.......

Ya m definitely willing to have a chat........pm ur number.