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CAT - 97.32
10th-82 %
12th- 86%
Graduation- 76 % (B.Tech)
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hi puys
converted PGDM DCP though it was not my first choice
but still its my first convert
any chance of an upgrade
seniors help me out a lil

My first convert too ,and also offered the same course DCP.Seniors please help us out.
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Nidhish I got Selected for IMT DCP Program

Name: Gundeep Singh

CAT: 97.32 %ile

Can anyone tell me about IMT DCP Program ?

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This is my first attempt .Please review this and give me feedback

1. Name of Institute: IIT- D
2. Word Limit: 150
3. Question: State your reasons for joining the programme in about 150 words.
4. SOP:

I am a gamer at heart.Love to play console based games.So keeping my passion in mind , i would like to open an organization which develops quality games.My first step towards this long term goal of mine was to know the technicalities involved in making games. And hence my graduation in Computer Science has given me knowledge about the technical aspects of making games.

To get even closer to my dream, I need to gain knowledge about the business side of things of an organization.
The MBA offered by DMS,IIT Delhi will provide me with a firm understanding of the business fundamentals. I believe that the practical application of the knowledge acquired at DMS,IIT Delhi will enable me to achieve my goal. The eminent professors and the eclectic mix of students at DMS,IIT Delhi will also enhance my intellectual and inter-personal skills , fortifying the qualities needed to face the challenges thrown up by the corporate world with confidence.

5. No. of words in your SOP: 167

6. Count of submission: 1

Overall -97.32 %ile
is it good enough puys ?
Help me

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Quant and DI -- 84.71 %ile

Verbal -- 99.50 %ile

Overall-- 97.32 %ile

Would this be enough to get a call from somewhere?
Please help me

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