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well Onsite opportunity is very good in Infy, primarily because of the VISA restrictions put by the US government. there are plenty of people who are eligible to travel onsite, but are not being sent as they don't have VISA. so if u already have an H1B Visa, or if ur from a computer science background, Infy will process your VISA and depending on ur ability to understand business quickly, they will send you Onsite.
be advised, let Onsite not be the reason for the shift, as it is something very unpredictable. it should not be a decision you regret later on.

that depends. if ur role is of a software engineer, then u will be earning around the same. if they give you the role of a PA then u should be seeing around 6lpa figure. again, it all depends on how well you can haggle, and also what are the exclusive skill sets you possess


Hi Bharath,

Thanks for your reply:)
I agree with you about US VISA issues. But as Infy does lots of Non-US projects, I think the onsite opps to other countries are good until they don't contrain VISA process like US. Pls let me know your opinion on this.

I might be part of IVS Team. How are the growth prospects in IVS? Most probably my role wud be Test Analyst( I was told during the Interview).During the interview I was told the prospects are good.


Hi Puys,

Gud to see an active Infy thread :)
I have 3.5 yrs of exp in IT and planning for a shift.

I have interview with Infy next week and need some info from you guys.
If my performance post joining Infy is gud enough,how are the Onsite offers in Infy?
Primary reason for my shift is Onsite so pls lemme know abt this

How much is an 3.5 exp paid by INFY? Currently I am getting 5.7 L P/A.
If I do well in the interview and my profile is good enough ,can I expect at least a 15 % hike from Infy ?

I will be grateful if some one can answer these questions.


Hi Pg Techies,

Hope all are doing great!!

My self I have 3+ yrs exp in S/w Automation Testing.I have offers from Wipro,Cogizant and Adobe.

Right now my priorities are:challenging work and Onsite but not too hectic which demands late working hours(ofcourse project delivery time wud be an exception) .

After 2 to 3 years planning to do an MBA from one of the top B-Schools.

the info I have:

1.CTS and Wipro have got onsite but CTS pays more at onsite than Wipro but the scope for growth id more in Wipro than CTS.

2.Work culture in Wipro is not as good as in CTS and Adobe.

3.Adobe gives good work and mesmerising pay but no Onsite.

which cmpny among Wipro,CTS and Adobe would be a correct choice in your opinion?
please throw some light on ths..

Would appreciate your valuable inputs on this... which helps me a lot in taking a rite decison.


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No company will give u money and facilities to prepare for CAT except the coaching institutes like IMS,TIME etc.....Because you learn to manage your work life and prepare for the exams , thats why you get extra points for having work ex and calls for GD/PI.
If they see that you have learnt something from the job u get points in the PI.

U can contact junta on the following thread:

http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-an...ing-junta.html (CAT'07 For "WORKING JUNTA")



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please check it.

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guyz try the above link now...i guess it works..sorry for the delay


Hi Prasanth,

I am unable to access the link.
Can u pls chk it...

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