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Way to go buddy... thats taking a head start for sure..!!

You'll be good... take your GMAT first... and work on developing your profile.
And you have been in an excellent profession.

pm me for more!

Hello Guys,
I am a little bit out of the loop as i aspire for XLRI GMP 2013 but would appreciate the analysis you guys have been giving.
My profile is :
Xth : 87 %
XII : 79 %
B. Sc. in Nautical Sciences : 70%
Work experience by Dec 2012 : 6 years

I am in Merchant Navy and am looking for a switch over. My area of interest is HR. How good chances I have for making it to XLRI GMP with concerns regarding the profession I have been in.

I havent taken the GMAT.

Appreciate the effort guys.
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I too got in...!!

Its been one hec of a journey.... my heartiest congratulations to all who got through..!!

and best wishes to the wait listed people.

And ofcourse... for those who didnt make it... keep trying folks...!!

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hi guyz,
can anybody help me on the query posted above. any idea about the delhi interview dates span.


Delhi has interviews scheduled from 1st to 5th march.
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daktarbabu Says
XLRI Clearly states there is no provision for change in interview schedule.

Hi puys... sorry for the late reply... well I got my interview preponed due to professional commitments. My interview was suppose to happen in Bangalore... but i got it pre poned to Delhi... now finally have my interview in Delhi 5th march... 1640hrs.

For the benefit of others.. I had firstly called up XLRI and after a bit of trying to speak to an admission's team member they finally considered my case and asked me to fax them a letter in this regard.

I believe the problem is mostly in shifting from bangalore to mumbai/delhi and shouldn t be vice versa cause the list for Bangalore interivews had still not been prepared.
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Can anyone please tell me what is to be entered in 'other test' GMAT registration number and registration date??

I am able to spot only my appointment number and the GMAT id number...

Hoping for an early response... am already running late.. don t want to delay it any further.. thanks in anticipation!

silluminatus Says
I am in for 18th. Who haven't yet confirmed, please do so by tomorrow.

I too will try to be there... have an appointment at 1830 so might get a little delayed... hope to catch most you guys there.
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Hello all,

I had missed the 31st jan deadline mostly in anticipation of ISB results... but couldn t make it there... so am thinking of picking back up on NUS application.

In your opinions is it a bit too late for NUS??

Also I could see that people who had applied in jan have yet not received any interview calls... so what might be the target interview dates for people who apply say now within a week's time??

Would appreciate any opinions as have gone back to ground zero after yesterday..!!

What happened to your ISB road honey?
Aritro wont be able to fly from kolkata i gues!!! can you aritro? ;)

The ISB road (after showing a mirage for soo many days) came up with a big road block... 'bugger off' it said...!!!

Taking the diversion to XLRI...
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soubhg Says
btw , what about b'lore puys meet for XL-GMP?

Well I guess 18th evening @kormangala CCD is still on right??

Would be great to see aritro present too... could cash in on his thought process...
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What if something similar happens to the ISB portal in another half an hour??